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Yacht Charter: Indonesia Digital Brochure
From the wildlife and crystal clear bays to its rich cultural history, Indonesia deserves careful consideration for your next vacation.
Phuket Thailand Travel Guide
Visitors to Thailand's southern island of Phuket will find pure white sands, turquoise waters, and limestone cliffs. This island, which is surrounded by the Andaman Sea and is about an hour by plane from Bangkok, is a tiny bit of heaven with reasonably priced hotels, spa treatments, and boat cruises. But, in addition to its tropical charm, Phuket entices visitors with its tasty cuisine (think lemongrass, lime leaves, and chilies) and rich culture, which is greatly inspired by the country's dominant religion: Buddhism.
Sedona, Arizona Travel Guide
Sedona is located near Flagstaff, Arizona, at the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon. It is located in an area where human existence has existed for over 10,000 years. The population was made up of hunter-gatherers who later began basic farming.
The Cost of First Class Flights: Is it worth it?
The benefits of flying first-class are obvious: more legroom, more comfortable seats, improved on-board service, and so on. All of these amenities, of course, aren't cheap. As a result, the age-old question of whether flying first class is worthwhile emerges. It is sometimes worthwhile to spend a higher fee for a better seat, and other times it is not. But, in any case, when you can pay for it with points and miles, that seat feels so much better!
Sailing Italy Digital Brochure
Live La Vita Dolce. While on a yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, you can spend your time exploring some of Europe's most beautiful coastlines. Spend time exploring ancient historical sites, swimming in the crystal clear Mediterranean water, and basking in the hot Italian sun.
Croatia Digital Brochure
Where Ancient Ruins Meet Modern Living With crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, Croatia is a budding new mecca for yacht vacations. If you're looking for culture and history without the crowds of the Western Mediterranean, then come and sail the Adriatic Sea. Here, you'll find islands to play on, cities to explore, and ancient Roman palaces.