Snow Tubing in Massanutten Va

Snow Tubing in Massanutten Va

Snow tubing in Massanutten

In Harrisonburg, Virginia's Massanutten Ski Resort, snow tubing is quickly becoming one of the most popular winter activities. The resort's Peaked Mountain Express Tube Park, which features a 900-foot slope suited for sliding down, will appeal to both the young and elderly. Tubers are ecstatic to discover the SunKid Wonder Carpet lift once they've reached the bottom, which whisks them back to the top with little to no work on their side. Visitors who are new to snow tubing should not be concerned because there is a fully-equipped Snow Sports Learning Center on-site with professionals that can help you with all of your skiing, snowboarding, and Harrisonburg Snow Tubing needs. Snow tubing at Massanutten Resort Virginia's Peaked Mountain Express Tube Park is the most peaceful way to enjoy the winter weather.

My family and I have been to Massanutten in the warm seasons and the cold seasons.  Snow tubing is one of our favorite activities and it is well worth experiencing.

“Best Snow Tubing” – According to Washingtonian

Snow tubing is pure, unadulterated fun for almost everyone! At Virginia's most popular snow tubing park, bundle up for an adventure and prepare to burst out the grins and laughs. When the weather permits, you can slide down one of our tubing lanes alone or join up with friends and enjoy the journey together. Our tubing hill has up to 16 lanes that are 900 feet long and have a 120-foot steep drop. On our busiest days, we now have a second conveyor lift, allowing more people to enjoy Snow Tubing with less waiting.

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Things to know before snow tubing

  • To snow tube, children must be at least 36 inches tall.
  • At the Family Adventure Park, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The mid-day session, when track conditions are more moderate, may be preferable for younger and/or more cautious tubers.
  • The Tube Park does not allow hard shells or ski boots.
  • The speed of snow tubing is affected by temperature, wind, and precipitation.
  • As soon as the weather permits, snowmaking may begin.
  • No more than one person per tube is permitted.
  • They allow "chaining" of tubes at our discretion, depending on the weather and track conditions.
  • At all times, each participant must remain seated in the tube. Tubing on your stomach or in any other position is forbidden and will result in your ejection from the Tube Park.
  • A limited number of tickets are available per session and per day for snow tubing. Snow tubing is a popular activity that frequently sells out. Tickets for each session of snow tubing can be purchased online (please see the hours & rates tab). Tickets are not available for purchase or reservation over the phone.
Snow tubing in Massanutten


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