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Wondering what to do this summer? Well after the past few months, we all deserve a nice, relaxing holiday to de-stress. How about spending your time lazing around on your private beach? Yes, you can get some of the private beaches for rent and don’t have to share them with strangers at all. No one would be able to disturb or disrupt your fun and peace.

Despite travel restrictions being removed in recent months, many of you who are still seeking to adhere to social distancing norms might find regular holiday spots unsafe. So, a private beach can be a great idea to add a zing to your sunny vacations.

Private Beaches are spaces reserved exclusively for you and your group (of friends or family). You can use the beach, enjoy water sports, and light up a fire pit. You have complete seclusion from people. Sounds interesting? Then pack your bags as here is the lowdown of the best private beaches for rent.

1. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach


Get a piece of the beautiful Bahamas beach all to yourself. This single one-bedroom boathouse is surrounded on three sides by water, wedged between the bay and the ocean. Here, guests can enjoy breathtaking sights from practically every angle they can see. The boathouse has many areas for quiet leisure-from the spacious sheltered outdoor rain shower to a big cozy hammock overlooking the water.

There is also the stunning pink beach at the front of the boathouse, which is completely private and offers some of the finest, most beautiful sand you will ever experience. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the beach, you can also go swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and boating in the lovely turquoise ocean.

Relaxing on the beachside and enjoying the sea breeze can be a powerful stress reliever. Set in tropical surroundings, there is a lot of sunshine to take in. You might even come across some historic cottages and dine at some finest restaurants in the area.

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2. Lake Michigan Beach, United States

Lake Michigan Beach


Lake Michigan is one of Michigan's most magnificent natural wonders, with vast, sandy beaches leading to turquoise blue waters. Charming coastal communities dot the coastline, where you will find infinite outdoor entertainment that will attract family and nature lovers. Explore the lovely Lake Michigan private beach house rentals, which range from small cottages to deluxe vacation homes. These finest Lake Michigan cottage rentals provide a great location for a lakefront lifestyle in the Midwest. They also have luxury features like private beaches, vast garden locations, and huge interiors for large crowds.

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3. Lummi Island, Washington

Lummi Island, Washington


Treat yourself to the splendor on Lummi Island, a tranquil resort in the Pacific Northwest that is accessible by car ferry. Here you will find a cross between an ocean and a mountain holiday destination.

This three-bedroom property offers unrivaled mountain and water views, with majestic Mt. Baker soaring over the water. A beautiful rocky beach located just minutes from the home is ideal for watching the wildlife, crabbing, and solitary meditation. for its magnificent landscapes, which stir the heart even when the climate is bleak. As a result, this private beach is the ideal place for travelers who want to explore the countless mountains, bays, rivers, wildlife, lakes, and woods. From spring to autumn, watching the whale is the most popular activity. Whales are abundant here due to the presence of wild salmon and orca pods in the area. Water sports such as fishing, boating, crabbing and kayaking, and other water activities are generally popular on this private beach.

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4. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Australia


Unlike other Australian beaches, this one is composed of white sand that contains 98 percent pure silica, making it extremely smooth and fine. Pollution and human activity have not affected the beach. To keep it pure, they have enforced tight rules and regulations. The efforts they put into conserving it worked wonderfully as it was named the world's best Eco-Friendly beach. Despite the hype, Whitehaven Beach's secluded position gives it a touch of pure paradise for those who are want to experience nature in its original form- untouched and unspoiled.

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5. Playa Jeremi Beach, Curacao

Playa Jeremi Beach, Curacao


This sandy beach is peaceful and secluded, a true retreat from the crowds. There is no entrance charge, and the area feels incredibly isolated. You might get lucky and get the entire place to yourself.

The only way to get to Playa Jeremi is to go down some uneven steps carved into the rocks, which adds to the uniqueness of the experience. Snorkeling is good here, and the crystal-clear water adds to the pleasure. Experience the magnificent sunsets which will add a touch of enchantment to your holiday.

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6. Gura Portitei Beach, Romania

Gura Portitei Beach, Romania


Gura Portitei Beach, on the Black Sea, is part of a private resort that can only be reached by boat. It is a haven of peace and tranquility, the perfect spot to visit if you want to spend some time relaxing in nature. The beach is breathtaking; you have the wetlands behind you, a plethora of wildlife, particularly birds nearby, as well as the golden beaches and a pristine ocean. Everything is untamed and wild around you; you can hear birds singing and sea waves crashing on the shore. The Danube Delta Biosphere encompasses the entire region and whether you want to kayak the delta inlet, fish for dinner, or merely sit back and enjoy the view, the broad, sandy beach is ideal for nature enthusiasts.

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7. Traveuni Palm Resort Beach, Fiji

Traveuni Palm Resort Beach, Fiji
Image by John Ferguson -


This is a fantastic tourist destination since there are several tourist attractions, magnificent fauna and flora, and stunning tourist resorts, all with a distinct local flavor. Taveuni lacks the hustle and bustle of a big city, as well as traffic, making it a good option for Fiji's bigger islands.

The limitless beach, which you can reach from your private villa, is ideal for viewing dolphins, snorkeling amid the reefs, or simply sitting on the sand with a cold drink. While the beach is the major draw on Taveuni, you can also go on a hike to an isolated waterfall, play some golf, or relax with a lavish spa treatment.

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8. Key Colony Beach, Florida

Key Colony Beach, Florida


The beach is an ideal holiday getaway at your fingertips, with its secluded spot, resort amenities, and convenient access to natural resources. You will enjoy strolling through the palm palms, jumping into the ocean for snorkeling or kayaking, or simply sitting and resting in this tropical haven. Only residents and tourists staying on site have access to the magnificent private beach, so it is never crowded. Grab a snorkel as well as some fins and go sightseeing in the ocean to enjoy the colorful aquatic life in the waters right outside your door.

Due to the abundance of fantastic rental properties, the island tranquility, security, and the best activities and amusement for the entire family, this private Beach continues to be a very famous tourist house rental location. You will find that this is a quirky, laid-back beach exciting with its canals, friendly locals, and beautiful white beaches surrounded by turquoise waters. You can reserve the beachfront property for private access to one of Florida's most beautiful beaches.

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9. Sun Rise Beach, Thailand

Sun Rise Beach, Thailand


This beach, which is situated on the opposite end of the tiny Islands harbor, is less busy than the others. Palm trees adorn both sides of the white sand, and the blue-green-blue water offers some of the greatest snorkeling on the island. Plan to spend your days on the beach with a coconut in your hand, because this private beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation in Thailand. This is as tropical as you can get and you will find the prices are great as well. The place is also steeped in culture and has a lot of traditions and rituals that you can explore if you plan to spend some time here with the locals.

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10. Li Cossi Beach, Italy

Li Cossi Beach, Italy


Li Cossi is one of Sardinia's most stunning beaches. It is a little cove that can be accessed by taking an easy one km walk from the village's end, during which you will be treated to spectacular coastal views.

The beach is bordered by beautiful pink trachyte rocks that overlook the sea, contributing to the beach's stunning color. The landscape is particularly interesting because there is a line that runs behind it. In the summer, the beach gets crowded, but not roughly as much as other adjacent beaches. In the summer, it's a favorite snorkeling area for people on the beach due to the shallow waters and wind protection, but if you go just before or after the peak season, you will likely have the entire inlet to yourself.

Although the beach is modest, it does offer certain services to guests. The water is a stunning dark emerald color, and there are several smaller caves within, as well as multiple points where you can climb to jump into the water.

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11. Cofete Beach, Spain

Cofete Beach, Spain


Cofete Beach in the Canary Islands, regarded as the crown jewel of Fuerteventura, is one of the most magnificent wild beaches in the world. The entire island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and it boasts the Canary Islands' longest white sand beach. The beach is on the West Coast, which is home to some of the most beautiful and dangerous beaches in the world. The beach is difficult to swim in because of the frequent winds and waves, yet it is a lovely sight. By driving, you may reach the beach after passing through a mountainous region on a narrow, twisting road. However, this minor hassle is richly compensated as the location in turn brings tranquility to the soul.

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12. East Beach, North Island, Seychelles

East Beach, North Island, Seychelles


The island's major beach, East Beach, runs the length of the island and is accessible directly from the eleven private villas. Villa North Island is a luxurious resort property at the end of East Beach that is ideal for a romantic weekend. Private spa treatments, beach yoga, stand-up paddleboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling are among the activities available on the beach. With azure blue waves and gorgeous lagoons encircling the island's shoreline, this private beach is the ultimate Paradise on Earth, and it is relatively less spoiled.

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13. Palm Island, the Grenadines

Palm Island, the Grenadines


Palm Island is a breathtaking remote getaway with 5 unique private beaches which can only be accessed via boat. The best way to experience this quiet island is with the exclusive stay at Palm Islands Resort & Spa, where you can enjoy a magnificent and private Caribbean vacation for adults.

For a genuinely romantic island escape, guests at Palm Island Resort can enjoy beachside dining, snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking in the beautiful turquoise sea. If you become exhausted by the beach, the island is wide enough just to explore on several cycling and walking routes. The majority of the rooms are in two-story structures, and some traditional beachfront huts are nicely spaced out on a vast stretch of powder-soft sand, as well as a variety of secluded villas if you like some privacy.

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While there are many more private beaches for rent these are the absolute best and most comfortable options you can find. We will update as we find new locations. Meanwhile, make sure you travel safely and ensure that you respect each location, its history, people, and its culture when you are there. Get your bags and suntans, happy summers are here again! Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

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