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Live The Yacht life

Are you looking for vacation ideas that are different and exciting?

This free guide is jam-packed with dozens of travel ideas from around the world, including deserted islands, hopping nightlife, vibrant culture, and wildlife adventures.

We'll take you everywhere from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the beaches of the Caribbean and the great superyacht meccas of the Mediterranean, and everywhere in between! As you cruise in the lap of luxury on your own private yacht, we'll show you where to go and what to see at each stop along your journey.

What you'll discover is how affordable and attainable these luxury yachting vacations are – much more attainable than most people believe.

You need to look no further than the new ebook from OceanScape Yachts if you're looking for unique and exciting vacation ideas.

With ideas, tips, and suggestions for enjoying the world's hottest and most exotic locales from the deck of your own private chartered yacht, Sea The World Differently: A Destination Guide for Your Next Vacation is a must-have resource for anyone planning a vacation.

Yachting was once considered a privilege reserved for the wealthy and famous, and it continues to be one of the best-kept secrets in the world of luxury travel. Unlike cruises, which require you to adhere to a strict schedule and spend your time in the company of strangers, a yachting vacation allows you to travel around the world at your own pace with your friends and loved ones. Additionally, the service on board a yacht is unparalleled. You should just sit back and relax, and allow others to take care of you.

Oceanscape Yachts


Most people are unaware of the fact that private yacht vacations are extremely affordable and achievable – much more attainable than they believe.

OceanScape Yachts is a travel community that offers members access to a global portfolio of luxury yachts that have been thoroughly vetted, concierge travel planning, and exclusive discounts that are not available anywhere else.

According to Todd Beechey, founder and Chief Experiences Officer of OceanScape Yachts, "Think of us as the sharing economy of luxury sea travel." "We don't have an expensive fleet, we don't charge exorbitant brokerage fees, and we don't cater exclusively to people who want to try something before they buy it. The alternative is a marketplace in which we bring together yacht owners and sophisticated travelers to put otherwise idle yachts out on the water."

It is this message that OceanScape Yachts hopes to spread through the distribution of this eBook at no additional cost.

According to Beechey, "We are focused on informing people that these incredible vacations are available to families or groups of friends at a price that is comparable to other luxury travel options."

Oceanscape yacht in the ocean


Sea The World Differently: A Destination Guide transports you to ancient cities in Europe, crystal blue waters in the Bahamas, and deserted islands off the coast of Indonesia. It is filled with beautiful photographs and engaging storytelling. You'll also come across a slew of other hidden gems along the way.

Even if you can't imagine yourself sailing around the world on your own private luxury yacht, the book is well worth a read regardless of your level of imagination.


You can obtain a copy of it by clicking here.


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