All inclusive packages to Maldives

All inclusive packages to Maldives

Male, Maldives

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An all-inclusive package may appear pricey at first, but when you consider the variety of food, drink, and events that are typically covered, it can be the most cost-effective way to make the most out of your vacation while still feeling comfortable with the fact that you are getting the most bangs for your buck.

When vacationing in the Maldives, the quality of the food is of utmost importance; therefore, you should make sure that your all-inclusive meal plan provides a diverse range of eating alternatives.

The Maldives are indeed a once-in-a-lifetime destination for many people; hence, selecting an all-inclusive option may be a good idea if you want to make the most of your time there without being constrained by financial considerations.


The Maldives is well connected to the rest of the world, and if you are willing to be somewhat flexible with your vacation dates and make your reservation in plenty of time, you should be able to get reasonably priced flights there.

It is possible that you will have to make a brief stopover in the Middle East if you are traveling from the United States (Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi). Both Milan and Rome are Italy's primary airports for international direct flights.

Choose a flight that arrives in Male daytime, as the cost of a trip to one of the nearby islands at night can reach up to USD 200. If you are unable to find a flight that arrives during the day, it is recommended that you spend the night in Male and then catch the speedboat the following day.

The cost of flying is extremely high in this area. Flying from Male to the atolls that are located nearby can cost as much as 350 USD one way.

Stay in the Maldives

Overwater Bungalows in the Maldives
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You can find rates beginning at around USD50 per night in a guest house, such as Seven Corals in Maafushi (taxes included).

Increasing levels of sophistication and comfort will, of course, call for a corresponding rise in this cost. For example, the White Sand Dhigurah, which is a more luxurious hotel, has rates beginning at around USD 120 (taxes included), and the Endheri Sunset has rooms with a wonderful view of the sea that cost USD 130.

If you are thinking about staying in a resort, then the Biyadhoo Island Resort has rates starting at around USD 150 which includes breakfast and all-inclusive options starting at USD 230, and Centara Ras Fushi has bungalows starting at around USD 500.

There is also Soneva Fushi, and Soneva Jani, with hotel rates starting from USD 1,950.

Private rooms on Airbnb can be had for as little as 700 MVR, while the average price is more like 1,200 MVR. Airbnb is available all throughout the islands.

The starting price for a whole house or apartment is 1,500 MVR, but it can go as much as 6,000 MVR or even higher. If you would like to stay in a home or apartment that is complete to yourself, you should make reservations well in advance.

Due to the fact that all of the areas around the island is privately owned, camping in the wild is not an option. Your only genuine choice for camping is to approach a local resident and inquire about setting up a tent in their backyard; however, given that this is not a guaranteed solution, you should avoid camping in this area.


Lobster and clams cooking
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In most cases, the cost of the room will already include breakfast. Prices at resort restaurants, like those at the resort's hotels, vary depending on the level of quality of the restaurant.

Lunch for two might cost as much as USD 30 at certain hotels and resorts. When staying at a resort with a higher price tag, expect to pay more than 60 dollars per person.

On the local islands, you can get a dinner for anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars, making it one of the more affordable dining options. However, those of you who are thinking about saving costs as much as necessary should know that you can always go to the store.

A premium package could include expensive hotels such as-

  • Furaveri Maldives
  • Amilla Maldives Resort
  • Canareef resort Maldives
  • Velassaru Maldives
  • Summer Island Maldives

According to numerous travel recommendations for the Maldives, an all-inclusive buffet lunch and breakfast can be an excellent decision, although half-boards will typically include brunch, and drinks in addition to access to à la carte restaurants.

Check to see if there is a kid-friendly cuisine, as well as coffee, drinks, and other special treats, as well as any excursions or activities that are given, before deciding on a package deal to purchase. This is especially important if you are traveling with children.

It will only make your trip to the Maldives more enjoyable and convenient for you to check these items in advance.

Best time to visit Maldives

The months of November to April are considered to be the high season for tourism in the Maldives since the weather is ideal during those months.

It should come as no surprise that the costs of everything, from lodging to activities, would be exorbitantly high. Shoulder season travel, that is, travel that occurs between the high season and the low season is one of the best times to visit the Maldives for those on a budget. This is because the weather will still be pleasant, and the resorts will offer you thrilling discounts and fantastic services due to the fact that occupancy levels will be 20% lower during the shoulder season.

Cost of an average 7 nights trip

Bungalows in the Maldives
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This estimate is based on a trip that will last 8 days and 7 nights and will include visits to three sites.
The estimated total cost of a trip to the Maldives Islands will be around as followed-

Profile and Cost

  • Economic-2500 USD pp
  • Comfort-3000 USD pp
  • Luxury-7000 USD pp
  • Luxury all-inclusive + business class with seaplane- 9500 USD pp


In conclusion, all-inclusive packages to the Maldives offer a convenient and hassle-free vacation option for travelers looking to relax and unwind in a tropical paradise. With everything included in the price, from accommodation and meals to activities and excursions, all-inclusive packages allow you to budget effectively and enjoy your vacation without worrying about additional costs. The Maldives is a beautiful destination with a range of luxury resorts to choose from, and an all-inclusive package can provide the perfect opportunity to experience the best of what the Maldives has to offer. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo trip, the Maldives has something for everyone, and an all-inclusive package can help you make the most of your trip.

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