Why It's Best to Join a Travel Club

Why It's Best to Join a Travel Club

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Keen travelers are always looking out for the best experiences, as well as travel benefits. If you're someone who loves to travel and wants to get value for your money, joining a travel club like Vacation Mode Travel Club is one of the best things you can do. You can secure some of the best experiences available while saving money on your vacations. Joining a travel club has a host of amazing benefits, including connecting you to a community of other enthusiastic travelers.

Joining a travel club could improve your travel experience in the future. You could discover new opportunities that you might never have considered on your own. If you're not sure whether a travel club is right for you, keep reading to find out how Vacation Mode Travel Club could change the way you travel.

What Is a Travel Club?

A travel club is a way to spread the cost of your travel while securing great deals on experiences. By paying a membership fee, you can gain access to some amazing travel benefits and discounts. These deals are secured through group bookings, which means you get the opportunity to travel with like-minded people who want to experience the same things as you.

Travel clubs can be very flexible, so you get what you want from them. You can choose a membership that works for you and will help you to travel in the way that you want.

The Benefits of Joining a Travel Club

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Joining a travel club offers you some incredible benefits. You can open a whole new world of traveling when you choose to become a member of Vacation Mode Travel Club. Here are some of the top benefits you could experience if you decide that joining a travel club is right for you.

Get exclusive discounts

One of the main reasons anyone chooses to join a travel club is to get access to great discounts on their vacations. When you join a travel club, you can save money on a huge range of experiences.
Vacation Mode Travel Club gives members access to a booking platform that allows them to get exclusive private rates that they won't find elsewhere. With up to 85% off 4-star and 5-star hotels, as well as the option to book private accommodation, you can ensure you have a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience. Plus, you get perks such as free airport lounge stays to make your membership fees even better value.

Seek out amazing experiences

Travel clubs can open up some incredible experiences for anyone who loves to travel. Whether you're looking for inspiration or the convenience of having itineraries to choose from, you can make sure you have the best time whenever you travel. Our private group experiences and destinations offer exclusive itineraries that you won't find anywhere else. With exclusive trips to destinations ranging from the Caribbean Islands to Mauritius, you're sure to discover somewhere that will deliver unforgettable experiences.

It's not just the destinations that will be memorable. You will also be able to choose from a great selection of activities on every trip. With your own dedicated travel agent, you can make sure you receive the best advice based on your tastes and the way you like to travel.

Meet like-minded travelers

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Some people might enjoy the opportunity to travel solo, but for many, it's a much more sociable experience. Sharing your travel experience with others can be one of the best things about going on vacation. You get to see and do new things together and make memories with others.

Being part of a travel club means that you get to network with a community of people from around the world who love travel, just like you do. Together, you can share your enthusiasm for travel and similar interests to make everything more fun and engaging.

What Does Membership Include?

What's included in your travel club membership can depend on a few things. When you become a member of Vacation Mode Travel Club, you can currently choose between two different membership options that deliver different perks and enhance your travel experience. A third membership option will also be available at a late date.

Our VIP membership includes:

  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Travel Platform
  • Hotel and Resort Discounts 
  • Car Rentals
  • Cruises 
  • Activities at destination cities 
  • Best Price Promise
  • Flight Insurance
  • Assigned Personal Travel Agent
  • Exclusive travel deals

Meanwhile, our VIP Plus membership gets you all of the above, plus early access to travel club trips, everyday discounts in the US, and our concierge service.

Being a member of a travel club means that you get perks and benefits that you won't get elsewhere. Your travel experiences will be enhanced in every way.

Travel Clubs vs. Other Options

What's the difference between a travel club and similar options? For example, you might be considering something like a timeshare, a resort club, or a hotel club. Compared to these options, a travel club can be much more affordable and give you more for your money.

For example, a timeshare could cost you $20,000 or more upfront, with additional membership dues. Hotel and resort clubs can have similar costs. But with Vacation Mode Travel Club, it will only cost you $50 to get started and from $35 per month to keep your membership going. Unlike other options, there are no maintenance fees, no financing, and no transaction fees. You even get flight insurance included in your membership.

Joining a travel club is excellent value and opens up a whole new world for you. You can enjoy traveling in a way that works for you while securing excellent travel deals. Best of all, you're part of a wider global community of like-minded travelers who all love to spend their time vacationing too.
Anyone who loves to travel frequently, or even just take a vacation here and there, benefits from being part of a travel club. Take a look at our membership plans today to find one that's right for you.


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