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How to Create a Boutique Hotel Experience For Your Guest

The boutique hotel is a type of accommodation increasingly sought after by tourists and local customers who seek exclusivity and personalized attention. These characteristics have allowed it to establish itself as one of the most profitable companies of the moment. So you might be considering opening one or giving your hotel a quantum upgrade to transform it into one of those boutique hotels. 

Want to know how to create a boutique hotel? In this post, we'll help you get started with this hosting model so you can achieve the success every business dreams of.

Discover what it consists of, its characteristics, and strategies for running yours like an expert!


Pietermaai Boutique
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A boutique hotel is a type of four- or five-star resort that typically has fewer than 100 rooms. They are designed from old mansions or abandoned buildings with an interesting history behind them.

Typically, they are elegant hotels designed for sophisticated clients who want to escape from traditional hotels. They are picturesque and serve as an engine to energize the local culture and they can be found in every city around the world from Paris to Washington, DC to Cairo, Egypt.

Today, boutique-type accommodations have managed to spread all over the world, from the biggest cities to the smallest villages. Hence, its demand and popularity make it a profitable business for visionary entrepreneurs.


Before showing you how to create a boutique hotel, you should know that a boutique hotel is not only distinguished by high-quality service. It also has other features that make it a profitable business.

Want to know what its main features are? Read on!

Exclusive design

We are talking here about a type of hotel with an exquisite design, specially curated to meet the needs of the most elegant customers. Some opt for a quaint and historic style, while others prefer to opt for something more modern and contemporary.

Individual decor

Boutique hotels typically offer custom interior design that gives the space a more welcoming personality of its own. However, it is also valid to break out of the routine and opt for other types of decorating concepts.

Upscale restaurants and bars

Inchcolm Hotel Bar
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Upscale restaurants and bars are key features of this type of hotel. Indeed, their customers are often looking for new gastronomic experiences and want to taste the best dishes. They, therefore, adapt to these requests and offer a quality service.

A personalized service

Like the regular hotel, the customer service is also five-star. This is the most relevant way to mark a distinctive point that allows you to stand out from the competition. Also, if customers feel well cared for, they will be more satisfied with the service as a whole.

Culture locale

Another aspect of boutique hotels is that they are engines that serve to energize local culture. Some cool ideas include incorporating artwork into the decor, providing free bicycles for guests to get around the area, or promoting some fun activities that they can engage in.


Let’s find out how to create a boutique hotel that will guarantee maximum profitability in the industry. To do this, we present 5 essential strategies.

1. Define the concept of your boutique hotel

The first thing to do is define the boutique hotel concept you want to launch. Analyze aspects such as the size of the establishment, the number of rooms, the services you want to offer, etc.

It's all about thinking about all the elements that will give personality to your home and make it different from others. It is therefore important that you take all the time necessary to define the key features that will lead you to success.

2. Identify your target audience

To know how to create a boutique hotel and establish an appropriate concept, it is important to identify your target audience. This is a way to ensure that each element corresponds to the real needs of the guests.

The aim is to define if you are going to target tourists according to their age or if you are going to differentiate them according to their affinity for a specific theme. This information will help you better define the style of the infrastructure: whether it will be modern, animal-friendly, themed, etc.

3. Take advantage of the resources of its location

When choosing a location for your boutique hotel, be sure to research a suitable area so that guests can easily access the area's most attractive locations. This will give relevance to your business and improve the user experience.

Remember that these types of hotels are more profitable on the beach, in the countryside and in cities where tourism is important. So be sure to choose a location that allows customers to easily visit the surrounding area and travel to other tourist destinations.

4. Pay attention to the smallest detail

To understand how to create a boutique hotel, it is necessary to know that its added value consists in paying attention to the smallest details. In this case, we are talking specifically about the property, an element that can make the client feel comfortable, unique, and special.

For this, we recommend that you choose an old house, an old palace, a mansion, or a building with some historical sentiment. The main objective is to carry out all the necessary remodelling until the space acquires the appropriate comfort.

5. Provide personalized attention

Personalized service is a characteristic that defines this type of business. You need to make sure that you respond to your customers' needs in a prompt, friendly, and professional manner. This will enable them to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.

To do this, it is important, as indicated above, to be acquainted with your guests’ profiles. This way you ensure that each of them will have an unforgettable and personalized experience.


Courtyard of the Ivy Baltimore
Image from theivybaltimore.com


Besides mastering how to start a boutique hotel, there are several relatively cheap or inexpensive and simple tactics that you can adopt to increase your chances of success.

They include:
➔    A salon or spa for guests to relax.
➔    Design an interior that is both exclusive and inviting.
➔    Offer free snacks.
➔    Allow free access to pets in your hotel and restaurant.
➔    Organize group activities such as yoga classes, swimming, access to the chef's stew, or nature walks.

If after reading our article on how to create a boutique hotel if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know through the comment section below.

Thank you!

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