Travel Hacking Hat Trick: More Points

Travel Hacking Hat Trick: More points

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Yesterday I did something I have not been able to do in the past.  I've had transactions where I have scored double the reward points on a single purchase.  But, this time, I scored a travel hacker's dream transaction:  a travel hack hat trick.  I got awarded points 3 times for one transaction.  (Hat Trick:  In field hockey and ice hockey, a hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game.)

With Mother's Day coming, I noticed an email offer I got from American Airlines.  I have an AAdvance Rewards Account, so I am on their mailing list.  Occasionally, the airlines team up with other businesses to give you an opportunity to earn miles when you make a purchase with them.  This time American Airlines teamed up with FTD the florist company that delivers flowers to its customers.

If you ordered a flower arrangement and had it delivered for Mother's Day, you would get 30 points for every dollar spent.  That is a good offer and sticking to my rule of not spending money that you normally wouldn't, I was going to make a purchase for Mother's Day with or without an offer.  

FTD websitePoints Transaction


After spending $75 on flowers I will be awarded 2250 AAdvantage miles.  75 times 30 equals 2250.  I broke out the handy dandy calculator on my computer to confirm this.  But, this isn't where the story ends.  I used my Capital One Venture card to make the payment.  I get 2 points for every dollar spent, so, on this purchase, I will get 150 points for my Capital One account.  But, the goodness doesn't stop there.  I am a member of a website called  They have a special running with FTD and I have their plugin activated in my Chrome browser.  It tells me when I am at a site, if they have a deal set up it will give me the opportunity to activate it and get points for my purchase.  MyPoints was offering 1500 points for FTD.

So, in the end I got awarded three times for one transaction.  2250 points for American Airlines, 150 points with the Venture Card, and 1500 points through  A travel hacking hat trick.  This is a first for me and I am looking to do this more often.

Have you been able to score a travel hack hat trick?  If you have, tell us how you did it.

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