St. George's Cayes

St. George's Cayes

St. George's Caye

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A group of islands known as St. George's Cayes can be found just off the coast of Belize. Within the boundaries of Ambergris Caye National Park Reserve is a cay known as St. George's Caye. Just to the south of Ambergris Caye is where you'll find St. George's.

White Beach is considered to be the most popular beach on the island. The island is also home to two other beaches, one of which is known as Green Turtle Cove, while the other is dubbed Blue Lagoon. The length of the island itself is around three miles, and the majority of its surface is comprised of mangrove forests.

On St. George's Cayes, there are no hotels to be found. The majority of visitors arrive via San Pedro Town International Airport, where they either rent vehicles or take taxis to reach the island. Some tourists would rather avoid the airport entirely and instead arrange trips that take them straight to St. George's Caye instead.

Placencia is approximately 15 minutes away from St. George's Town, making it the nearest town to the village. Placencia is home to a diverse selection of eateries as well as retail establishments. Punta Gorda and Corozal are two of the other towns in the vicinity.

During the warmer months, the island sees a significant increase in visitors. The majority of tourists come to the island by private flights and cruise ships. There are a lot of people who come to the island so that they can go scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and see birds and other wildlife.

Visits to St. George's can be arranged through a plethora of different tour companies. Passengers are typically picked up by these businesses from the port at San Pedro that services cruise ships.

The climate on St. George's is typically mild, and the sun shines practically constantly. Temperatures tend to hover around the low 80s Fahrenheit on average (27 degrees Celsius). Rainfall typically occurs during the winter months and typically totals around 10 inches per month on average.

Due to the island's breathtaking natural beauty, St. George's is a popular destination for vacations. On the island, there are more than 200 different types of bird species. Additionally, the island is surrounded by coral reefs, which make for spectacular vistas of the ocean below.

After a long day of sightseeing in Belize City, the Mayan ruins, or the caverns, St. George's Cayez is the ideal location to wind down and unwind in peace and quiet.

Things to do in St. George's Caye

On St. George's Caye, you can choose from a wide variety of exciting pursuits to engage in. Here are some suggestions for activities that you can participate in while visiting the island, whether you are going there by yourself or with a group of friends.

Visit the Turtle Farm: The Turtle Farm is located just outside of the town of San Pedro, and visitors can stop by to learn about the local sea turtles and then feed some of the animals. In addition to this, there are interactive exhibits and educational displays, as well as a turtle rescue facility.

Scuba Diving Is Easy And Economical On The Island Scuba diving is easy and affordable on the island, with over 100 dive sites nearby. The majority of dives are rather shallow and provide stunning views of coral reefs and exotic wildlife.

After a long day of sightseeing, anglers can relax by casting their lines into the gin-clear waters along the shore in hopes of reeling in a meal for the evening.

Learn More About Snorkeling If you'd rather spend your days beneath than above it, you'll adore the variety of marine life that snorkelers may spot. If you're interested in learning more about snorkeling, go here. While certain locations are off limits to snorkelers and divers due to the presence of protected areas, others are not.

Visitors who prefer activities such as hiking and bicycling will have the opportunity to explore the island's trails, beaches, and caverns throughout their stay. Hikers are welcome to follow the path that leads to the Blue Hole, a natural sinkhole that is home to aquamarine water.

Discover More About Birding The island is home to a number of different types of birds, one of which is the endangered white heron. Tour operators such as Tropical Eco Tours provide clients with the opportunity to see birds from a distance during bird watching excursions that they offer.

Visitors get the opportunity to kayak along the shore and witness a variety of animals, including mangroves, in their natural habitat. Stingray City and the Black Rock Reef are two popular places to visit. At Stingray City, you can see stingrays playing in the sand below, while at the Black Rock Reef, you can snorkel among huge clams.

Discover More About Surfing Surfers can ride the waves that are created when they hit the reef. Lessons in surfing are provided by businesses such as Ocean Sports, and surfing gear may be purchased at any one of the many shops that are spread out around the island.

Discover More About Swimming With Dolphins At Dolphin Discovery, tourists have the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins, and trainers educate guests how to communicate with the animals during the experience.

Discover More About the Opportunity to Dive With Sharks Visitors to Shark Encounter get the opportunity to dive with sharks and observe large schools of fish swimming together while doing so.

Discover More About Horseback Riding Companies such as Caribbean Trails provide riders the opportunity to go on guided horseback rides. Riders have the option of selecting shorter, more relaxing rides or longer, more strenuous excursions.

Discover More About Ziplining Zip-line aficionados can get a surge of adrenaline while zipping through the treetops of a forest canopy. The visitors of Jungle Jumps have the option of going on one of the guided trips, or they can arrange a private expedition if they would rather travel without a guide.

Find Out More About Waterfalls The numerous waterfalls on the island are among the most popular tourist destinations. Boca del Rio and Devil's Throat Falls are two of the more well-known ones in the area. Both are straightforward to reach by means of paved pathways, making them ideal for families.

Visitors can hire bicycles and scooters, and there are free Wi-Fi hotspots located all across the island for them to use. Read on for more information about the island's other activities.

St. George's Cay is, all things considered, an excellent location for a holiday. You can always count on meeting a friendly face wherever you turn, and there are plenty of enjoyable activities for everyone to participate in.


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