Southwest Book now Pay Later

Southwest Book now Pay Later

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Southwest is committed to providing warm hospitality and legendary customer service. They recognise that having greater flexibility has become even more crucial as people keep returning to the skies, and want to reaffirm their commitment to making travelling with Southwest easier.

Many passengers want to take planes, and other people have fantasised about doing so, but they cannot afford the expensive airfare. Customers who want to go right away can use the Southwest Book Now Pay Later payment option.

Southwest has partnered with Uplift to allow customers to book vacations whenever they want. Uplift ‘Book Now Pay Later’, payment option, spreads the cost of travel over a number of manageable monthly payments.

For a streamlined consumer experience, Uplift is fully integrated into the booking process. Customers may manage their spending and take the vacation they deserve by seeing the complete cost of their trip and the monthly payment amount at the time of booking.

The Uplift Program

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The Uplift program wants you to feel happy about your purchases and your payment methods. With Uplift, you can make wise choices and pay for them in fixed amounts by not worrying about putting a damper on your wallet with the help of the following features:

  1. Fixed Instalments- For customers' convenience and to help them plan their vacations, Southwest offers a Book Now, Pay Later option. Customers have the option of paying a fixed monthly fee based on the amount or the plan they select.
  2. Quick Application- It's simple to use, and you may make a choice right away. When a customer selects Uplift as a payment option, they are required to complete an application form with personal information. The team will analyse the form and decide whether to take or reject it, and the user will be informed immediately if they qualify for the uplift advantage.
  3. Late fees are not charged. It is typical for service providers to apply penalties or charge late fees if a customer is unable to make the monthly instalment on time for any reason. However, the Uplift pay monthly program of Southwest provides some comfort in that there are no late payment fines and consumers are not required to pay any further costs.
  4. Don't postpone your travel arrangements as you have the option of booking right away and paying later. Due to the large expenditures involved, whenever a consumer wants to travel and book a trip for vacation or holidays, they always have a tendency to overthink it. Some people make an effort to avoid flying as a result. Now, so that consumers may afford the trip and enjoy their vacations, Southwest gives the option of travelling now and paying later.
  5. It also has the option of easy auto pay wherein the person using the Uplift program does not have to remember the dates anymore and the loan is easily auto-paid. To ensure that your payments are taken out automatically each month, one can select AutoPay at the time of purchase.

How Uplift works

Step 1: During the checkout, you have to choose Uplift

Do your shopping for your trip and add the purchases to your cart as usual. When you're prepared to complete your purchase, select Uplift as your method of payment.

Step 2: Fill out an easy loan application.

Ensure that once you choose Uplift, without leaving the checkout page, enter basic details like your residence, income, and the last four of your Social Security number. You will quickly receive a response on whether you can proceed.

Eligibility for the Application Procedure-

To be at least 18 yrs. of age.

  • To be a permanent resident of the US or a citizen of the US.
  • A credit score of at least 500.
  • The flight must originate in the US if you are financing the air travel.

Step 3: Enjoy your trip now and pay back gradually

Travel is now more reasonably priced, accessible, and rewarding for customers thanks to cutting-edge technology that contributes to large gains in conversion rates and the transaction values for partners. Your travel aspirations won't have to wait now as Uplift will break the expense of your vacation into manageable monthly instalments. Go on the vacation you deserve: Upgrade your hotel accommodation, get a roomy seat on the plane, get tickets to attractions, and more to make your trip more enjoyable.

There is no Uplift-specific smartphone application. However, financing through Uplift should be available through the travel provider's mobile application in addition to its official website.

Below is the insight into the details of the Uplift Pay monthly program-


Minimum Loan Amount

100 USD

Maximum Loan Amount

15000 USD


0% TO 36%

Interest Rate Type


Minimum Credit Score


Origination Fee


Term for paying off flight payment

11 months



3 months to 2 years


What if I don’t pay Uplift?

Even though Uplift doesn't impose late fees, you will be charged interest and your credit score will suffer. So paying in time will ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs and that your credit score remains intact.  Remember, if Uplift reports your late fees to the credit bureaus, they put you on their blacklist for future loans.

Please note that the Uplift loan will continue to charge interest if more than 30 days have passed since your previous payment, making it more costly to repay.

Can the rate on loan terms be negotiated?

No, the loan terms are non-negotiable on Uplift monthly instalments.

Is there a credit check run by Uplift?

Yes, this is how it is done.

  • When you ask for a loan during the checkout process, Uplift will validate your identity and run a preliminary credit check to determine your eligibility for financing.
  • When you select "continue" with the loan after being accepted, Uplift will run a full credit check on you.

Should I choose Uplift?

Uplift is a trustworthy service that lets you borrow for your trip; it collaborates with leading travel providers across the US. Its website is safe, and its privacy statement explains how data is gathered and utilised. Uplift may be reached by phone or via email, and it routinely addresses client grievances on its Trustpilot website. Overall, Uplift is reliable and convenient making it a great option for travellers.

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