Sail Amalfi Coast

Sail Amalfi Coast

Amalfi port

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The sunshine (weather) of the Mediterranean seeps into your very being as you sail along the coast of Italy during the languid days of summer. Images of sun-drenched villages and piazzas, as well as the ecstatic shouts of children diving off a yacht into a deep blue sea, remain there for all time, much like the memories that come to mind when one is dreaming.

It is not just the sun's rays that warm the rocks and the citrus trees, and they are not the only ones responsible for your skin's gradual transformation into a warm golden color. Or the charming fishing harbors that dot the coastline of the Ligurian Sea, where brightly painted boats are moored and nets laden with colorful baubles are allowed to air-dry on the cobblestones.

It's not just that sapphire lagoon in Sardinia, where you went snorkeling among giant granite boulders, or that afternoon you spent soaking in thermal springs on the cliffs of Ischia, where explosions of pink bougainvillaea clambered down to the glittering sea below. It's also the fact that you've been to both of these places.

It's not just the crumbling castles from the Middle Ages perched atop faraway hills, the solemn spires and bridges of Venice, or the spooky catacombs buried beneath Palermo's city center. It is not even the freshly caught sea bass that is cooked over hot coals in a moonlight cove with white tablecloths spread out on the sand by the crew of the yacht and lamps flickering all around.

You will remember the weight of history that has soaked into this land, the ancient civilizations that have fallen into the dust since it is this history that has seeped into this ground. The tomatoes, which are a deep red color and are cultivated on vines in the sun, must be allowed to ripen to the point where they are almost bursting, and then they must be smashed and spread over crunchy crostini together with fresh basil and olive oil. It is the sound of church bells being carried across the sea on a Sunday morning, and it is accompanied by the sound of Italian matrons dressed in mourning black conversing with one another.

When your yacht charter in Italy is complete, there will be a lot that stands out in your mind.

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Possibly, you'll recall being anchored in a cove that was perfectly clear and encircled by a dense pine forest. During the afternoon, a breeze picked up off the lake and fluttered the pages of the book you were reading while you relaxed on a deckchair with a glass of champagne in your hand.

Or getting dressed up for a party on the sundeck while watching the red glow of the Stromboli volcano at night and the rocks falling from the crater into the sea with a splash of white in the darkness. You'll never forget how relaxing it was to soak in the jacuzzi while listening to Café del Mar play softly in the background as the yacht carved a bright channel through the murky water.

Your recollections of the day you paid a visit to the well-known Blue Grotto in Capri at the Amalfi Coast, which is a cave where sunlight shines over a lake that is contained within the grotto, transforming the cave walls into a shimmering light show of ethereal blues.

You will undoubtedly recall going to a nightclub in Sardinia that was housed inside of a sea cave. There, you danced on a glass floor with attractive individuals while watching waves smash and swirl beneath your feet. Shopping in the chic boutiques of Positano or taking a stroll along the coastal trails dotted with wildflowers are two popular activities in this town.

There is something incredibly unique and unforgettable about chartering a yacht, no matter where you do it. However, a yacht charter in Italy is a journey through a land that has stood the test of time. In Italy, vengeful gods and active volcanoes were once in control, and the past can be found in every corner.

Will you never forget the time you spent on a boat charter in Italy? You will, of course, do that. The light penetrated deep into your being.


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