Maldives 7-day itinerary

Maldives 7-day itinerary

scuba divers in the Maldives

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You'll fall in love with the Maldives the moment you set foot on the island nation. In the ideal honeymoon location, sugar-soft beaches and barefoot luxury are everywhere. With unmatched standards of care and attention, it's also fantastic for families.

Day 1

sunset cruise
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By upgrading to all-inclusive, premium branded drinks as well as excursions like sunset cruises, you can maintain the calm and relaxation that the Maldives conjure with the below-mentioned 7-day itinerary.

After reaching the Maldives, Hulhumale Island should be visited on the very first day.  It is feasible to go access the island via a vehicle and generally it is preferable to opt for a private ferry, an aircraft, or both of them to visit the beautiful Island.

Hotels on the island are affordable and elegant and you do not have to worry about putting a damper on your wallet. The moment you reach the airport of Maldives, make your way to the resort or the hotel you have booked to stay for the day. As soon as you get here, check-in so you can unwind and recover. After you've slept, go exploring on your own by visiting a nearby town.

Outside of your stay, you can take in a variety of vistas with your family and friends. After strolling all day, return to your accommodation for a fine-dining meal before retiring to bed and anticipating the following day.

A two-wheeler is common on this island to hire to casually stroll around the beautiful beaches of the island and create enduring memories on a budget.

Day 2

Male, the capital of the Maldives
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On the second day, to reach the capital city of Maldives, you must go to the Hulhumale port wherein the boat leaves for Male City every 30 minutes from the port. Hop in any of the boats to begin your trip on another day in the Maldives.

Traveling to Male, the capital of the Maldives, and getting a glimpse of daily life there can be fascinating and interesting.

You can go shopping while on your seven-day vacation. Pay a visit to the biggest mosque, explore Male, and then to continue the journey to Maafushi, head to the Villingili Ferry Terminal. You may also savor the surroundings while on this two-hour journey.

Whatever you decide to do, you must not overlook the delicious Maldivian cuisine, which includes some unusual fish preparations. In many of the hotels or guest homes in the Maldives that you can choose to stay in, you can find these authentic cuisine items.

Its delectable cuisine will have tourists licking their fingers, and a wide range of water activities are available nearby to keep visitors entertained.
The natural charm that characterizes this island should be enjoyed with the eyes. The balance of blue and white combination is present to calm your thoughts just by having a look at it.

Day 3

bioluminescent beach
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Popular for beaches, restaurants, and activities involving water be it jet skiing, parasailing, or on an exhilarating kayak adventure, Maafushi is another beautiful place to spend a day in the Maldives with numerous activities to engage in while on your vacation. The famous spots for snorkeling on the island are the Reef of Banana, the Corner of Maafushi, the Villivaru Corner, and the Maavelaathu.

Scuba diving is also welcome on this island and it is worth experiencing with the diving facilities. Each dive costs USD 35.

The four main beaches of this paradise are Public Beach, Bikini Beach, Water Sports Beach, and Coral Beach. 

Although on other beaches of the island, it is forbidden to wear swimwear, however, one can wear one in Bikini Beach. Moreover, the beach is crowded most of the time.

For aquatic life, the Maldives is a paradise. You may book diving and snorkeling tours at the surrounding diving centers to find out more about the local marine life. 

Even if you are on a week-long trip to the Maldives, it is difficult to overlook the underwater life if you go night diving. Only experienced divers should attempt night diving because it is more upscale and thrilling.

Visit the sandbank surrounded by the clear, blue ocean. Sitting on a chair amidst the sandy beach, take in the warmth of the sea.

Sea of Stars - Vaadhoo Island, Maldives Video by Wonder World

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Dolphin Tours

You shouldn't let this opportunity pass. Even while seeing dolphins is almost always a matter of chance, it is nevertheless a very spectacular experience when it happens.

Dolphin tour in the Maldives
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Day 4

A speedboat can be helpful to visit this island of South male, namely Fihalhohi. One can preferably stay in one of the famed overwater bungalows that have helped make the Maldives so recognized.

Animal life is abundant on the home reef, which is hidden in the blue seas. The entire neighborhood is filled with silence and serenity.

Relaxing spa treatment, accommodations with individual terraces, views of the Indian Ocean, and a picturesque landscape are all offered by this island. Simply forget about everything and relax here. 

After spending some time in Fihalhohi, make your way back to Maafushi, where you may spend the day strolling around the neighborhood and shopping at the local boutiques. It is highly suggested to get mementos from this location because the prices are significantly lower than those found on the islands that are nearby.

Day 5

Another paradise island in the Maldives is Fulidhoo. Access to the island can be via a ferry or a speed boat. 

Popular for activities be it kayaking, diving, or snorkeling, the beach area of the island is beautiful. Moreover, for accommodation, there are hotels where one can spend a day.

Day 6

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After exploring the island of Maafushi, a day should be reserved to stroll around the congested city of Male.

In the town of Male, the National Museum, the President's House, the Mulee Aage, and the Park of Sultan are all worth visiting.

Day 7

In the city of Male of Maldives, there are numerous multicultural restaurants that serve Indian as well as international cuisine. On the last day one may want to consider hotels, be it Hilton Maldives, Hotel Samann Grand, or Hotel Octave to unwind and then Depart from the male.


Having a vacation in the Maldives can be quite pricey, but you can reduce some of those costs by purchasing all-inclusive vacation packages in advance of your trip. These packages will keep you occupied and entertained while reducing the amount of money you have to spend while you are on the islands.



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