Keyonna Beach Resort: Antigua's Romantic Paradise

Keyonna Beach Resort: Your Next Slice of Paradise

Keyonna Beach Resort oceanfront villas

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Introduction to Keyonna Beach Resort

Nestled on the captivating island of Antigua, Keyonna Beach Resort is more than just a getaway spot. It's a haven where the finest elements of nature converge. Curious about what makes it stand out? Dive into the details.


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Location and Access

Perfectly situated on Turner's Beach's sandy coastlines, this all-inclusive, couples-only haven offers unmatched Caribbean Sea vistas. Just a swift drive away from Antigua's V.C. Bird International Airport, it offers seclusion without being unreachable. Sounds ideal, doesn't it?

Why Choose Keyonna?

Romantic Getaway

Keyonna is brimming with romantic vibes. With a strict policy for couples, intimacy is always in the air. Picture a sunset beach walk, hand in hand with your loved one. Isn’t this the romantic retreat you've been daydreaming about?

Tranquil Beachside Experience

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Escape the crowd and relish in an undisturbed beachside experience at Keyonna. Bid adieu to packed pools and greet your exclusive patch of beach!

Culinary Delights

Dine like never before. With a fusion of local and international dishes, every meal is a culinary voyage.

Accommodations at Keyonna

Beachfront Cottages

Imagine waking to the rhythmic sounds of waves and an unspoiled beach panorama. The rustic interiors combined with state-of-the-art amenities ensure a snug ambiance.

Plunge Pool Rooms

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Seeking some private plunge moments? Hop into your personal pool whenever the mood strikes.

Keyonna Suite Experience

For those with a penchant for the extraordinary, the Keyonna Suite offers a lavish stay complete with a private terrace.

Activities and Experiences

Water Adventures

Indulge in the best of aquatic adventures, from snorkeling amid colorful corals to windsurfing on pristine waters.

Spa and Wellness

Need to unwind? Let the resort's wellness experts melt your stresses away.

Local Attractions

Antigua is more than just scenic beaches. While at Keyonna, uncover historical landmarks, bustling local markets, and more.

Planning Your Trip to Keyonna

Optimal visiting months are during the dry season, spanning December to April. But a word to the wise: reserve your spot early, as accommodations fill up fast. Oh, and pack that sunscreen!

Conclusion: A Paradise Awaits!

So, when visions of a picturesque setting, delectable food, and a tranquil environment beckon, set your sights on Keyonna Beach Resort. Do you feel the sandy embrace already?


  • Is Keyonna Beach Resort family-friendly?
    Keyonna caters to couples, making it the go-to for romantic respites.
  • What's the distance between the resort and the airport?
    Keyonna is a brief drive from V.C. Bird International Airport.
  • Does the resort provide an all-inclusive package?
    Yes, Keyonna offers guests an all-encompassing experience.
  • Which water sports are accessible at the resort?
    Guests can engage in a plethora of activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, and more.
  • Does the resort offer local cuisine?
    Certainly! Keyonna takes pride in serving both local and global culinary delights.


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