Is it safe to travel to Cancun now?

Is it safe to travel to Cancun now?

Cancun resorts
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One would term Canun as fairly safe to travel to, but necessary safety precautions have to be taken. Cancun, Mexico has been open to visitors since December 2021. For now, Mexico has not made negative PCR tests or quarantines mandatory. Mexico travel rating by US Embassy is at ‘high risk’ and US requires citizens who travels to any part of Mexico including Cancun to produce a negative Covid certificate on return. When it comes to crime, Cancun cannot be called a perfectly safe city. There are incidents of minor crimes, but it is definitely safer than other parts of Mexico and tourists are fairly well taken care of. Since crime rates in Mexico are high in general it is better to be cautious and take necessary precautions to ensure safety. Rainy season in Cancun can be a problem as well as flooding is increasingly common.

The resorts are welcoming and concerned about customer safety. Although most resorts encourage guests to fill out medical questionnaire forms, there is no mandatory requirement to present a negative PCR test or quarantine upon arrival. At airports, health tests are available when returning to your home country.
Please note that Mexico's crime rate is very high and there are cartels that operate. While Cancun is generally safer, you would need to consider protecting yourself from minor crimes.

Mexico City


Is it dangerous to visit Cancun?

Not at all! While there is a sense that Mexico is a dangerous place to visit, it is a large nation with many varied regions, and the cartel violence that makes the news is focused far from Cancun's hotels and beaches. Cancun, on the other hand, isn't completely crime-free, especially when you leave the Zona Hotelera district and explore outside the resorts. The local economy is strongly reliant on tourism, and the government works hard to maintain that image by extensively policing the tourist zone with police and the national guard.

Is it Safe to Visit Cancun Right Now?

As previously said, the crime rate in Cancun appears to have increased in terms of violence. Even while things are becoming shadier, this does not mean that the safety of tourists in Cancun is being jeopardized.
The U.S. and other governments have not issued any travel warnings. Serious crimes are more likely to occur outside tourist attractions, in sections of the city and countryside where you are unlikely to go otherwise. Cancun, on the whole, does not see the same levels of drug-related violence as other places in Mexico. The cartels are well aware that tourism is a significant industry, and they do not want to jeopardize that revenue.
Weather is another aspect of Cancun safety to be cautious of, which is not human-related, but rather due to Mother Nature! Cancun's rainy season runs from June to November, and it's known for overcast skies, heavy rains, and even flooding.


Places to avoid in Cancun

Keep in mind that you're still in Mexico if you go out late at night. It's not a good idea to go out late at night. While it is fairly safe to stroll around after dark in areas like Zona Hotelara, you should use a taxi to get from point A to point B anywhere else.

Non-touristy areas should be avoided at all costs. While we strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in Cancun's culture, you should do it with someone who is familiar with the area — and not alone! Outside of the tourist areas, becoming lost in the wrong neighborhood can lead you into danger.

Beach bar


Things to do in Cancun

Cancun is known for its fantastic sandy beaches that stretch along its long coasts. The seas are extremely beautiful due to their unique turquoise blue color. The place is steeped in history as it was part of the Mayan empire and you can view the remnants of the Mayan culture and architecture.
Combine that with water activities, scenic golf courses, excellent spa facilities and shopping centers you will have a fun-packed and adventurous holiday. Cancun also has great bars and nightclubs and many come here to experience the nightlife.  You can also attend numerous shows and explore handicraft markets if you are so inclined.

Safety tips for travelers visiting Cancun

  • Be aware of street crime; it occurs in all cities! Cancun is a popular tourist destination,  so it is also a great attraction for petty criminals and scammers.
  • Make sure you know where you're going — this isn't the place to get lost; you can end up in a dangerous region. Have a Cancun itinerary planned out with some research so as to ensure protection.
  • I cannot emphasize the necessity to learn a little Spanish to help you travel around. It can be a great help if you want to ask for help, communicate with people, and order food. 
  • Keep an eye on what's going on around you –Be observant and cautious!  You need to be aware of what is going on around you and make the decision to move away if it seems it seems even a tad bit uncomfortable. 
  • Keep your items close to you. Having expensive-looking bags and valuables on display will attract robbers and thieves. Maybe you can keep your cash and important documents in a pouch around the waist.
  • Do not display your valuables or currency. When taking money out of an ATM or bank in Cancun, be cautious—be alert of who is behind and around you. Don't withdraw money and count it in public. 
  • It is advisable not to carry valuables with you and avoid attracting unnecessary attention. Try to be in a group that you can trust rather than travel alone.
  • Don't trust people who are overly friendly or ask for assistance—People may approach you and ask for “assistance,” but what they really mean is monetary help. If someone tries to rob you, then don’t try to fight them. 

Is it safe to travel alone in Cancun?

Let's face it: traveling alone anywhere in the world is fun. You have complete control over what you do and when you do it, but more importantly, you have only yourself to rely on. Solo travel can be difficult at times, but believe me when I say it's well worth the effort!
When traveling alone, the most important thing is to look after oneself. Knowing the appropriate solo travel advice could save you from a potentially dangerous situation. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Don't get too drunk. Losing your mind to drink or whatever has the potential to lead to risky, questionable, and frankly, stupid circumstances.
It's a lot easier to get around the city if you've visited Mexico or understand Spanish. It's always nice to go out of the Zona Hotelera bubble, and single travelers aren't restricted to that area. If you're visiting Cancun's downtown area, remain close to Avenida Tulum, the city's major street, and avoid the city's fringes.


Is Cancun Safe for Female Travelers?

Cancun is a safe place for female travelers in general. But the city is famous for its crazy parties and nightlife, which necessitate extra vigilance. If you are a woman traveling alone or even in a group be cautious if a stranger or a new acquaintance offers you a drink. Accept beverages from someone you know and ensure you have the glass in your palms at all times. Even bartenders have been accused of spiking beverages, so if you're going to order a cocktail, do it somewhere where you can see it being made.

If you're sick or losing control, contact someone you can trust and tell them right away. If you're out and about and someone is bothering you, even if it is another tourist, notify a staff member. Do some research on the hotel you've chosen. You'll most likely want to read reviews posted by other women travelers. Avoid going out late at night by yourself. It's not a smart thing to do in many areas across the world, and certainly not in Mexico.

In conclusion, while Cancun is a great place to visit, please take necessary precautions against Covid as well as robbery and minor crimes. You can have a great time in Cancun and experience all the fun and adventure if you have taken the necessary precautions.


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