FLY NOW PAY LATER PROGRAM (American airlines)

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What if you could travel today and pay for it later, without putting your credit cards to the limit? Well, you can now with the fly now pay later programs!

A fly now pay later program allows you to pay your airline ticket fares in weekly or monthly installments. This allows you to spread out the sum over a few months rather than be burdened by a single large amount.

Some of the airlines like United, British Airways, Virgin and American airlines now allow their customers the facility. So how can you fly now and pay later? What are the various pitfalls you need to look out for when you opt for fly now and pay later programs? These are some questions that this article will help answer. In this article, we have looked at primarily American Airlines as a reference. The other airlines may have similar programs with slight modifications.


The emergence of the fly now pay later programs

After years of canceled vacations due to the pandemic, Americans are flying again or want to fly again. But with the economic situation being bleak, many do not want to shell out huge amounts on flights and travel. Not right now. They are waiting until the situation smoothens out and stabilizes a little more. Many airlines like American Airlines have come up with a solution to fly now and pay later for the people unable to pay for plane tickets or constantly worry about the huge lump sum payments for travel that they would cough up.

According to a survey conducted by The Ascent, around 56% of Americans use the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service. In 2020, around 37.65% of Americans had used the BNPL service. The number jumped to 56% in 2021, and it will continue to grow in the future. Such a service gives more convenience to the buyers, as they can plan purchases and conveniently pay for them later.

Affirm, a fintech company has launched buy now and pay later service for American Airlines travelers. Affirm has worked with popular travel agencies and online portals like Delta Vacations, Expedia, Priceline, etc. The partnership with American Airlines is the company's first deal with an airline operator.

American Airlines plane

How Does Fly Now Pay Later Work?

The Fly Now Pay Later program of American Airlines allows travelers to book their flights anytime without making an upfront payment.

It would help if you visited the flight booking portal of American Airlines to find flights between the preferred destinations. 

Enter the journey date to find flights on a particular day. When you checkout to book a flight, you should select Affair as the payment method on the payment gateway.

You can book a flight and pay later through Affirm payment method. Moreover, you have the flexibility to pay the amount via six to eighteen months' installments. It is noteworthy that you have to pay interest on the borrowed amount if paying in installments. Those who want to avoid paying interest can choose a one-time payment.

How can you get a flight itinerary without paying for fly now pay later American Airlines?

To get a flight itinerary without paying, you have to first choose the best flight at the fairest price. 

The second step is to book a ticket after paying through any form of payment. The payment options are PayPal Credit, Affirm, Zip, Klarna. 

After that, the customer gets notified via a registered email directly from the booking service which they have chosen. 

Apart from a registered email, customers will get constant reminders that the payment is due. This will help customers keep track and pay off the balance.
Customers also receive the flight itinerary and E-Ticket of the booked flight via email.

Airplane ticket

Who Is Eligible to Fly Now Pay Later?

If you have a good credit score and history, you are eligible for the American Airlines Fly Now Pay Later program. 

Applying for the service is simple, and anyone can apply for it. 

During the checkout, you need to choose Affirm as the payment method. When you choose this payment method, you will be asked to enter information as required. 

Then, the company will run an online credit check process, which takes a few seconds. If you have a good credit score, your application will get approved.

What Happens If Your Credit Rating Is Poor?

The American Airlines Fly Now Pay Later program is strictly available for persons with a good credit rating. If you have a poor credit score, you will not be eligible to use this service.

Credit score needed for American airlines fly now pay later

You may require a credit score of 700 or higher for an American Airlines credit card.

Airplane cabin

What Is the Payment Plan for Fly Now Pay Later Service?

The Fly Now Pay Later service gives you the convenience to book American Airlines tickets now and pay for them later conveniently. You can clear the dues through a single payment. Alternatively, you can pay the dues through 6-18 months' installments.

What Is the Interest Rate Applicable on Installment Payment?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is applicable on the payments if you choose installment payments. The APR may vary between 1-30%, depending on your credit score.

You can book flight tickets, hotels, and holiday packages using the Fly Now Pay Later service of American Airlines. The tourism industry has suffered huge losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Fly Now Pay Later program will boost the tourism economy. 

Does fly now pay later American Airlines hurt your credit?

This is a question that most people have asked and the answer is no.

A soft credit check is done by the featured fly now, pay later. A soft credit check is basically a background check of the credit report. 
This soft credit check will not affect your credit score. The credit check will not appear on the credit report.

Hence ‘fly now, pay later’ will not affect your credit report.  To avail of this service travelers will have to initially apply for an American Airlines Credit Card.

Once approved the American Airlines credit card can be used to purchase a ticket.  If you are a frequent traveler with American Airlines this credit card can come in very handy and be a lifesaver.  Considering the fact that the card comes with a $0 annual charge, it might not hurt to get one because it also comes with additional benefits. Travelers who have the credit card of American Airlines can also earn a bonus in the 10,000 to the 60,000-mile range.


Also, tickets worth USD 150 or more are charged 0 interest but the payment should have been made within the time span of 6 months or the credit card risk of being charged with the interest for the ticket.

The loan and the history of the payment appear on your credit record if you are authorized. Moreover, when a person pays off the pending amount to American airlines as per schedule, the credit score improves.

If payments are not completed on schedule there can be a negative impact on the Credit Score.

Not only does this affect your credit score, but late payments also attract a late fee and can accumulate over time.

What forms of payment are accepted for fly now pay later American Airlines?

While booking a flight ticket via American Airlines, a person has various options to make the payment. 

Applying for one of the fly now and paying later schemes is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes at checkout.

Airport gate


Below is an insight into the forms of payment that can be accepted for American Airline Tickets-Fly now and pay later 

1. Afterpay
Using this, the cost of the purchase of an American Airlines ticket can be spread for about 6 weeks where the payment is made in 4 separate interest-free options. The initial payment is taken at the time of checkout while the other 3 payments are taken once every 2 weeks.
2. Zip
It offers to split the total cost of the flights into 4 interest-free installments which is given in 6 weeks. 
If you pay back the money on time, then you have to only pay the amount which is displayed while you checkout without any additional money or expenses and zero interest. 

So it makes paying for the flights much more accessible by letting you split the cost in installments

3. PayPal Credit
This form of payment is quite easy and quick. PayPal Credit can be used by existing PayPal customers to pay back the airline ticket cost in installments.
It involves financing the American Airlines ticket on credit. Moreover, the customers who pay in USD can use this for zero percent interest for six months

4. Affirm

With this, a person can pay for an American Airlines flight in installments over a period of three, six or twelve months. 

This option varies depending upon the country a person is living in. So, when you have already chosen the flight results that you prefer, all you have to do is select Affirm at the payment checkout. 

Then you will be taken to a dedicated Affirm window, in which all you have to do is complete the application form and submit it there. After that, a soft credit check is performed, and you will be notified within seconds of applying if you are eligible for a flight ticket loan.
Can you pay with cash at the airport for fly now pay later American Airlines

A passenger can pay via credit card, gift cards, PalPal, travel credit, cash or check at the airport for an American Airlines ticket. US 2020 Labor Day 20% off on hotels

How can small travel brands benefit from fly now pay later?

With the increased requirements from the travelers, competition is assured from other travel brands in the country. So it is crucial that the travel brand is at the top of the game to meet the needs and demands of the traveler and make sure that the tourist is getting its reservation confirmed from them.

There are numerous ways through which small travel brands can benefit from fly now pay later methods. Below is the insight of which flying now and paying later has benefited the travel brands-

1. Inviting more customers due to flexibility in payments

It is estimated that about 61 percent of the tourists are anticipated to spend more money than they would have typically done for the travel. With the help of fly now pay later strategy, the small travel brands have the option of splitting the payment of travel across months which will ultimately attract more customers to them.

Fly now pay later to provide up to 12 interest-free payments which basically can help the small travel brands to increase their sales. The customers can book their dream trip with just one integration on the fly now, pay later and get access to financial flexibility.

So, by spreading the payments over months, the small travel brands are successful in inviting more customers and making varied upgrades affordable to them.

2. Building trust with the buyers

There is an old saying that “Selling is a sacred trust between buyer and seller”. The fly now pay later strategy has enabled the small travel brands to offer their customers credit card grade protection. As a result of which a trust relationship can be built between travel brands and their customer as these travel brands will be able to provide their customers proof of safe booking and payments hence giving protection to the buyers. The customers will feel safe and secure in their decisions which will ultimately benefit small travel brands to get ahead.

3. 0 % APR financing

These small travel brands allow the customers to take travel and credit data plus dynamic prices to make the choices that are fully automatic with just three-step integration in the blink of an eye. The Sliceit product of buy now pay later lets the travelers pick the option that fits to their needs at the time of checkout.

4. World-class support

The small travel brands are able to provide 5-star support with the help of fly now pay later to the customers. Moreover, by the way of interacting with the customers, the small travel brands are able to provide better experiences to the customers which as a result are helping the small travel brands to increase their business.

How can businesses benefit from AA fly now pay later?

The way forward for any business is getting fluid and flexible business and without a doubt American Airlines’ flying now and paying later can help to stand out heads and shoulders from the other competitors in the industry.  

1. Sales skyrocket

Businesses all across the world are chasing the Holy Grail of rising sales. Through its smooth facility of checkout and flexible financing, fly now pay later has benefitted the businesses in increasing their sales. The companies are able to attract new customers to travel by overcoming the hurdles by giving them five-star experience and help. Needless to say, with the help of world-class support of fly now pay later, the businesses are trying their best to be responsible for the objectives of the customer which is ultimately helping them to grow their sales in the market.

2. Increase in order value

The businesses are able to make more profit as the order values have increased because of American Airlines Fly Now and Pay Later. The key issue of the travelers for their dream trip has always been the money factor. However, now the travelers are able to split their cost of payment in interest free installments across months. This unique facility has benefitted the businesses to grow and stand out through increase in order value.

3. Boosting conversions

The smooth payment methods and flexibility in the travel cost have prevented the drop off of the customers and helped in boosting conversions of the businesses to around 50 percent. The fly now pay later has made the travel cost less intimidating by turning the customers from lookers to bookers and ultimately aiding the businesses to benefit from the same.

Fly Now Pay Later App: An Overview

Worried about the intimidating process (how it seems) for  Fly Now Pay Later programs? Now there is an App that provides financial flexibility to customers to split the cost of their holiday into interest-free monthly payments.

The travel payment startup fly now pay later has introduced an anywhere app that can be installed simply from the Google play store in android phones or apple stores. Moreover, if a person is unable to download the app then they also have the option to install via the QR code available on the Fly Now Pay Later website.

Using the anywhere app- the app is easy to use. 

  • The first step you have to do is download the app, then after downloading you have to sign in with your email address to set up your account in the anywhere app. 
  • The account is created then you can look for the trip. Moreover, the fun part is you can get your favorite travel brands there be it Expedia, Travelup, to book your adventurous trip and then you can head on to the payment page.
  • On the payment page, you get 3 different options to choose the payment plan that fits best for you, which you can afford and simultaneously leave enough money for the trip. 
  • The three payment options available in the app are 3, 4 or 6 monthly installments. You can look up the terms and conditions as well, right on the app!
  • So as soon you choose a payment plan your virtual card is used to get your bookings done for the travel.


The objective of the Fly now pay later app is to give the customers the freedom to book their trip and pay at a speed at which they are comfortable. Something like this was unheard of a few years ago but now you can access this facility on your phone today. With the app features like world-class support, protection to the buyers, 0 percent APR financing and which is based on eligibility and financial flexibility, the app has been successful in getting a boost in the reservations for the travel industry. The app is really easy to download and use. Using this app you look fo the next trip and choose your payment plans anytime.

Fly now pay later American Airlines Hotels

The partnership of Fly Now Pay Later with global hotels reservation network HotelsOne has provided easy payment methods through the split feature of the app to the fly now pay later customers. Now, the luxurious hotels or the flight ticket are smoothly accessible to the customers and the payments are done via installments. The other travel brands that have partnered with Fly Now Pay Later are Travomint, Jetblue, Trivago, Expedia, Airbnb and Orbitz.
If the customers want to cancel their booking or change it, the customers have to get in touch with the travel provider directly in which it is certain that the cancellation fees and charges are taken from the customer. Then whatever the amount of refund is there the customer gets it back in their Fly now Pay Later account. So, if the refund is not much to cover up the balance remaining, the customer is liable to pay the remaining payment to the company.

So in conclusion, if you are itching to go somewhere and have been mulling about it for the past year, then this is your chance. Experience the travel and then spread your payments over a few months so that it becomes affordable. The fly now pay later programs are available, but we need the terms and conditions applicable to each airline. Do conduct a deep analysis of the terms and conditions before taking up and registering for any fly now and pay later program. Happy traveling this 2022!

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