Can you Charter A Yacht In Bahamas?

Can you Charter A Yacht In Bahamas?

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A yacht charter offers a great opportunity to see parts of the world that are hard to reach by land. More importantly, it allows you to travel to these remote islands and serene locations without having to pack and unpack. The Bahamas is a yachting paradise with safe harbors, endless sailing grounds, and deserted coves, and is famous for different protected areas where marine life thrives. The atmosphere is good with gentle trade winds, white sandy beaches and sublime shades of blues. No wonder how this unsurpassed island is unspoiled considering how close it is to mainland Florida.

This unrivaled destination for sailing is a perfect tropical island for yacht charter, as you can explore nearly 200 kilometers while sailing in mild winds. The location offers diving in underwater passageways and snorkeling unlike any other place and has nearly a quarter of the world’s coral habitat in it. It is no mystery that experiencing the Bahamas from the comfort of a yacht is a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

In this article, we would like to share some insights on how to charter a yacht in the Bahamas and things you need to watch out for.

People generally get in contact with a yacht broker and then they are responsible for managing the vacation from reserving to the payment of the yacht.

Else, you have an option of picking up a Yacht Charter Specialist who takes your input and chooses an ideal yacht for you for the perfect vacation where you can relax and kick back with your family without any worries. The specialist gives a number of options that are not limited to selection.


Then, among the many alternatives available, you can select a yacht that fits your budget and expectations. Once an ideal yacht is chosen then the paperwork is done with the yacht charter owner and a contract is made to secure the yacht. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for avoiding any discrepancy in the future and then all you have to do is wait for the incredible experience on the yacht for the reserved dates. The further process of payment is taken over by the Yacht Specialist for your convenience.

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Now that you know how to charter a yacht it is essential to have information about the cost involved. The cruise tax is 4% of your agreed rate for yacht charters, and you also have to pay daily insurance for the vessel while you charter which is basically, which is dependent on the yacht size.

The cost of chartering a sailboat in the Bahamas is much more than the cost of chartering a power yacht. For instance, a week on a monohull sailboat can cost around 3,000 USD whereas a catamaran yacht can cost around 3,000 USD to 8,000 USD exclusive of meals and beverages and other taxes.

The Bahamas is renowned for its two types of yachts. They are motor yachts and catamarans. Motorboats are more comfortable and basically cover more ground and provide you great adventure whereas in catamarans adventurers can enjoy the comfort and stability while sailing in the Bahamas.

PICK-UP LOCATION- Nassau, with its international airport, excellent accommodations, interesting and amusing things to do and see before and after your charter, is the finest pick-up spot for the yacht charter. You can also pick up the yacht in Harbour Island, Staniel Cay, Georgetown, San Salvador, Mayaguana, and Matthew Town on Great Inagua Island.

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To make the vacation more exciting you should know certain pointers to enhance your experience on your yacht charter. They are as follows:

  • While you charter a yacht, normally you are asked about your preferences. It is important that you tell the specialist the entire requirement thoroughly so that he/she may arrange it accordingly. It includes a form asking about the details about the food you prefer, the privacy you require and the nightlife you prefer. The information helps the yacht captain and crew to make the arrangements as things need to be purchased beforehand.
  • Chatting with the captain and knowing him more while you are riding can also help as it motivates them to show you the best of the island for instance the undiscovered places and more hidden locations which you might not know of. Communication basically breaks the ice and you can be more comfortable there on your ride.
  • Relationship and communication with crew members can also aid them to take good care of your needs like the kind of food you prefer to eat or the accommodation you wish to have.
  • While you are on your yacht charter, you must also adhere to the terms and conditions and be careful with the safety of the yacht.
  • Generally, most of the yachts for the charter have a barefoot rule while you walk as high heels and shoes are not allowed and may cost you additional expense for any damage in the yacht.

The best time to visit the place is generally between November and May as it is not Hurricane Season. It is generally overcrowded in the months of December, January and February where people wait to sunbathe amidst the turquoise water in their yacht. Make sure you watch out for the hurricane season while you plan a trip to the Bahamas.

Chartering a yacht in the Bahamas offers you a dynamic trip to the island. You can also visit the places that are not accessible via land. Some recommendations of the location you can go while on charter are Nassau i.e. the pickup location, Warderick Wells Cay where you can sit back and relax on the isolated powdery sand beaches or go hiking, Shroud Cay which is home to animals like lobster, etc. and Rose Island which is a perfect location to sit back and watch the sunset or go for snorkeling.

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