The best things to do in the Belize jungle

The best things to do in the Belize jungle

Belize Rainforest

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Unique Adventure Things To See And Do In The Belize Rainforest 

Travellers from all over the world are flocking to Belize as it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. It is simple to comprehend why this is the case given that the nation provides a plethora of one-of-a-kind encounters and pursuits for guests. Exploring the tropical rainforests of Belize is one of these activities.

In Belize (see Belize Travel Guide), visitors can choose from a wide variety of jungle adventure experiences, such as zip line, trekking, and river rafting. Other options include rappelling and caving. These excursions provide tourists with the opportunity to explore the rainforest while gaining an understanding of the region's flora and animals.

Even though transportation is included in the vast majority of jungle adventure tours, some of them let tourists go at their own pace. You may, for instance, go to the Mayan ruins in Lamanai, where you will be able to acquire knowledge regarding the civilization of the ancient Maya. You could also go on a journey through the jungle to go to the caves of Xunantunich if that is more your style.

It doesn't matter what kind of jungle adventure trip you go on, you'll have a great time seeing the amazing animals that call the rainforest home. The rainforest is home to a wide variety of animals, including numerous different kinds of monkeys, parrots, toucans, and iguanas, among others. Because of the precarious status of some of these animals, coming during the dry season is strongly encouraged.

In addition to jungle exploration excursions, Belize provides visitors with plenty of one-of-a-kind sights to view and activities to try while in the country's tropical rainforest. Cenotes, caves, and waterfalls can be found all around the country with varying degrees of accessibility. It is necessary to either travel by boat or on foot in order to see many of these natural beauties.

Participating in a jungle excursion tour is among the most effective methods for appreciating the natural splendor of the Belize rainforest. Because there is so much to see and do, you won't run out of opportunities to have fun!

Go Hiking To The Best Viewpoints in Belize

Hikers in the rainforest
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There are many breathtaking sights to behold in Belize, and if you're fortunate enough to travel there during the wet season, you might even get a glimpse of some of the world-famous Mayan ruins. However, if you are thinking about going to the country, it is in your best interest to make preparations in advance and reserve a spot at one of the more well-known lookout locations.

The districts of San Ignacio, Placencia, and Cayo are the primary geographic locations in Belize from which hikers can access the summits of the country's three highest points. Every region provides its own one-of-a-kind experience, from the thick woods of San Ignacio to the azure waters of Placencia Bay, for example.

The world-famous Maya ruins of Tikal are located in San Ignacio, Guatemala. In addition to that, it is the beginning of a number of hiking paths, one of which is the Macal River Trail, which passes through the tropical forest on its way to the Caribbean Sea.

Placencia is home to the emerald waters of the Placencia Lagoon as well as the Mayan ruins of Lamanai, which are located in close proximity. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for hiking in this area, such as the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to several hundred different species of birds.

The world-famous Blue Hole is located in the Cayo District of Belize. The Blue Hole is actually two separate holes that are connected by a small tunnel. The color of the ocean is so deep that it almost seems to be black. The Blue Hole is encircled by thick jungle, which makes it an excellent location for seeing many species of flora and fauna.


Others choose to spend their time in the country learning about the various wild species that live there, despite the fact that many tourists come to the country to explore the beautiful woods that cover the island. In the wild, there are a plethora of opportunities to observe exotic animals such as monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and crocodiles, amongst other species.

Even while you might not be able to have direct contact with the creatures, you can still gain a significant amount of knowledge about them through observation. For instance, you can listen to the sounds of the forest while watching birds soar overhead. Additionally, you can see the birds fly overhead. You can also try to find traces of animal activity, such as animal tracks or droppings, by searching for them.

In Belize, there are many different opportunities to see wild animals. Joining a tour group that is specifically designed to explore natural areas is one choice that can be made. These tour operators often provide excursions to a variety of destinations throughout the country, such as the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich and Lamanai, amongst others. Independent travel is another alternative to consider. The downside to this strategy is that it may be quite pricey, but the upside is that it offers you more freedom and control over where you go and what you do.

You will almost certainly have a fantastic time exploring the natural world of Belize in any of the many ways available to you. There is something for everyone to do in this country, whether you are interested in going scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, or just relaxing on the beach. The country offers a wide selection of activities.

Spot a Jaguar

Jaguar in Belize Rainforest
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It is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to go hiking through the jungles of Belize in the hopes of witnessing a jaguar, which is widely considered to be one of the most stunning animals found anywhere in the world. Even while sightings of jaguars aren't exactly common, it is possible to see one if you look hard enough.

You will need to pay close attention to the specifics in order to find a jaguar. Jaguars have a solitary nature, so it's likely that you'll only spot them from a distance. Search for indications of movement, such as tracks, feces, and other traces of activity. If you're very fortunate, you might even see the animal itself if you keep your eyes peeled.

Even though they are primarily nocturnal, jaguars will occasionally be spotted active during the day. When they do, they can typically be found walking along rivers or paths, where they are more visible to observers. If you are thinking about taking a vacation to Belize, here are some things you can do to increase your chances of seeing a jaguar while you are there.

Find A Hidden Waterfall and a Secret Swimming Spot

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Visits to Belize's many stunning waterfalls consistently rank among the country's top tourist draws. There are literally dozens of these natural treasures strewn over the country, and the majority of them are not difficult to get at all. In point of fact, it is possible to visit numerous within a span of just a few hours of one.

However, although trips to waterfalls are enjoyable, they aren't usually the most convenient activity. To reach the majority of the waterfalls, you will need to hike through thick forests, and many of them are located in remote areas. Consequently, if you are seeking an activity that will allow you to relax more, you should think about visiting a hidden swimming spot instead.

The term "secret swimming locations" refers to quiet areas that provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to rest and relax. These places are typically situated close to bodies of water like rivers, lakes, or oceans, and they offer a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living.

Even though hidden swimming holes may be found in just about any place, some spots stand out more than others due to their allure. For instance, the San Pedro River in Belize is home to a few of the most breathtakingly beautiful and secluded swimming sites on the planet.

One of these locations is called the Mennonite Settlement, and it has a succession of pools that cascade into one another and are surrounded by lush greenery. The Blue Hole, which can be found on the banks of the New River, is yet another place of interest in the area. You can go spelunking in these caves, which are full of stalactites and stalagmites, and swim among a variety of colorful fish.

Experience Birding at Sunrise

One of the most well-liked things to do all across the world is to go bird watching. It should come as no surprise that birders flock to tropical countries like Costa Rica and Panama and other places where they may appreciate nature without leaving the convenience of their own homes. However, if you want to experience birding without having to go too far from your current location, you should think about going to the rainforests of Belize.

Bird enthusiasts have always flocked to Belize as the vacation destination of choice. The country is one of the richest regions in the world in terms of the variety of birds that can be found there as it has over a thousand different kinds. And while the majority of guests come to this location solely to observe the local avian population, others opt to take part in the activity themselves.

Visiting the San Pedro River Reserve is highly recommended if you want to increase your chances of seeing birds in their natural habitat. You can take a day trip to this location and spend it hiking through the rainforest and looking for wildlife along the route. You could possibly see a jaguar or two if you keep your eyes peeled!

You can still take pleasure in the sights and sounds of the forest even if you want to remain in closer proximity to human habitation. There are a number of places around here where you may find a quiet corner to take a seat and listen to the birds singing. The Belmopan Butterfly Garden is one of the places that you can visit. You can take some time to relax and enjoy watching the butterflies as they fly around.

You obviously don't need to travel very far in order to have a good day of birdwatching. The majority of the hotels in the area provide visitors with opportunities to go on forest tours. These trips typically involve a detour to a nearby watering hole, where you will get the opportunity to observe a variety of avian species.

Therefore, if you are interested in bird watching or simply want to enjoy the natural beauty of the jungle, Belize is an excellent location for a vacation destination to consider.

Wine and Dine in the Belize Rainforest

Wine tasting is quickly becoming one of the most popular things to do in the tropical rainforest of Belize. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample delectable wines from all over the world as a result of the proliferation of wineries that have established shops in the area.

In addition, the region is home to a large number of eateries where guests may indulge in regional specialities while taking in the picturesque vistas around them. The following are some of the greatest restaurants in the area:

Casa Maya

The cuisine served at this restaurant is typical of Belize and includes chicken, seafood, hog, cattle, and veggies. In addition to that, it offers a diverse range of beverages.

Mama Mia

This eatery specializes in Italian cuisine and also serves Belizean delicacies alongside its traditional Italian fare.

The Pelican Bar and Grill 

The seafood and steaks are the house specialities at this bar and restaurant, which also features a pleasant outside patio.

Rancho Grande

This Mexican eatery includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos.

Sabor de Coco

Sabor de Coco is a restaurant that provides traditional Belizean fare like ceviche, rice and beans, and grilled meats.

Tropical Paradise Restaurant

This restaurant serves a variety of alternatives for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to snacks and beverages.

Villa Blanca

The restaurant at this hotel serves a variety of dishes from around the world, such as pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Visit a Butterfly Farm

Butterfly farm
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The sights and sounds of the tropics may be enjoyed at butterfly farms, making for an educational and entertaining opportunity to gain knowledge about these fascinating insects. Visitors are able to watch butterflies flit from blossom to flower, feed them, and even purchase them as pets at the attraction.

The country of Belize is home to a diverse range of butterfly farms, each of which offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. Some caterpillars are reared indoors, while others are housed outside in vast enclosures in the open air. It is highly encouraged that you go to several different ones so that you can experience the range of possibilities that are accessible.

Rappel Down a Waterfall

Falls of water can be seen rather frequently in Belize, particularly around the coastline. Others opt to visit the country in order to rappel down these incredible buildings, which is why many tourists come here in the first place; yet, others come here simply to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. If you want to abseil down a waterfall while you're in Belize, you need make sure to bring all of the necessary equipment with you. In any other case, you can rent equipment from local suppliers at very reasonable rates.

Rappelling down a waterfall can be accomplished in a number of distinct ways. Climbing up one of the walls of the structure and then sliding down the other is the way that is considered the most fundamental. You may also try climbing up the face of the waterfall and sliding down the top of it. This is another possibility. At this point, you will be able to rappel down the middle of the waterfall, which has a strong current due to the constant flow of water.

It doesn't matter which technique you use; descending a waterfall via rappelling is always an exciting adventure. It's a fun outing for many kinds of groups—families, couples, friends, and even larger get-togethers. Anyone can engage in this activity because it does not require a high level of skill to rappel down a waterfall. Therefore, if you are thinking about going to Belize or you just want to add some excitement to your upcoming trip, rappelling down a waterfall is a fantastic option to consider.

Experience a Night Zipline and Hike through the jungle

Guests can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour while zipping over the jungle canopy throughout the night on the night zipline. It's a heart-pounding experience that mixes exhilarating thrills with spectacular vistas of the surrounding landscape. The ordinary tour and the extreme tour are the two options that are available to guests of the establishment. Both provide you with an interesting look into the jungle, but the extreme tour takes you through some more challenging terrain than the regular one does.

Those who want to go on the extreme tour may anticipate flying into the air over the canopy of trees while navigating a challenging sequence of leaps, loops, and other obstacles. The tour starts after it is dark and lasts for around thirty minutes total. Even if the tour is exciting, it is essential to keep safety considerations in mind at all times. Wear attire that is suitable for the weather, and don't forget to bring a flashlight.

After that, guests are welcome to take a leisurely stroll into the surrounding jungle. Guests will get the opportunity to see a variety of animals, such as monkeys, birds, and reptiles, while they are on the hike. The tour will come to a conclusion with a stop at a local restaurant, where the guests will have the opportunity to unwind and enjoy a delectable lunch.

Barton Creek Cave

Barton Creek Cave
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The entrance to Barton Creek Cave may be found in the Cayo District of Belize, right in the middle of the Maya Mountains. In the year 1892, a local farmer by the name of Barton made the discovery when he came across the entrance to a cave as he was plowing his field. He couldn't get enough of the cave, so he started going there on a daily basis. In the year 1896, he moved his family inside the cave and constructed a makeshift dwelling for them there. The cave quickly developed into a well-known tourist destination, and as a result, it eventually expanded into a sizable complex that includes a number of rooms and chambers. One of the places in Belize that draws the most tourists these days is the Barton Creek Cave.

Visitors have access to a wide variety of tours, some of which include activities like as zip-lining, swimming, hiking, and horseback riding. The breathtaking vistas that can be seen from the cave's entrance are another attraction for tourists. There are a variety of methods to explore Barton Creek Cave, including guided tours, self-directed excursions, and camping expeditions that last for the night.

Cahal Pech Maya Ruins

The construction of Cahal Pech took place between the years 900 and 1200 AD. It was inhabited until the early 1500s, making it one of the locations in Central America that has been continually inhabited for the longest period of time. In the year 1882, a group of American archaeologists made the discovery of the remains. They called the location after Cahal Pech, a Mayan emperor who ruled in the region at the time.

Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of the old city while exploring the ruins that remain today. Temples, palaces, ball courts, pyramids, and plazas are among the over a thousand different buildings that are spread out over a space of two square miles. In addition, guests can take in the breathtaking panoramas of the tropical forest that surrounds the resort.

Hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, and zip line are just some of the activities that may be enjoyed during a trip to Cahal Pech. Tour businesses in the area offer hiking excursions, but in order to participate in other activities, you will need to make reservations in advance.

Cave Tubing

Cave tubing is widely considered to be one of the best ways to spend a day in Belize. The activity known as cave tubing requires participants to descend into caves and then swim across underground rivers. It's a thrilling experience that lets tourists take in the breathtaking scenery of the country while also letting them get a taste of what it's like to be underwater.

In Belize, caves can be found in a wide variety of forms, such as sinkholes, limestone caverns, and karst formations. There are sections of these caverns that are accessible to the general public while others call for specialized authorization. You have three options to select from when you go cave tubing in the San Ignacio Caves Reserve, which is the ideal site to go for this type of adventure.

Cave tubing is one of the most enjoyable activities that can be had by renting a canoe or kayak. Paddling along the river in one of these boats gives you the opportunity to search for caverns that you can enter. Once you are inside, you will be able to explore the cave system by swimming through the water.

Cave tubing is another activity that may be done without renting a boat. Instead, you can simply walk along the river and keep to the trail that runs alongside it. You won't miss out on the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views or the exhilarating feeling of exploring the world beneath the ocean's surface.

El Pilar Maya Ruins

The Cayo District of Belize is home to the historic ruins known as El Pilar. It is one of the earliest Mayan ruins in Central America, having been constructed between the years AD 600 and 900, making it one of the oldest in the region. Mopane people were the first known inhabitants of this region, although they were eventually subjugated by the Tikal dynasty. Visitors now have the opportunity to tour the ruins, which include temples, pyramids, plazas, and other types of architecture.

The remains can be explored in a variety of ways, including on foot, on horseback, or by boat, among other options. Hiking trails wind their way through the thick tropical jungle and past ruins of long-ago civilizations. Visitors are able to get a different perspective of the ruins by taking a boat excursion. Riding around the area on horseback provides an experience unlike any other.

Mountain Pine Ridge Tour

In the Belize Jungle, visitors can choose from a wide variety of tours, such as those focused on the local flora and fauna, river excursions, and outdoor experiences. Picking a trip in the Belizean jungle that caters to your particular interests is going to be the most enjoyable thing you can do there.

For instance, if you have a deep appreciation for the natural world, a tour of a mountain pine ridge can be just what the doctor ordered. These trips involve hikes through natural places such as caves, rivers, and cave systems as well as rainforests. Visiting these one-of-a-kind spots will also educate you on the culture and history of the surrounding area.

Zip lining, kayaking, and snorkelling are three more activities that are very well-liked by guests. Because each excursion comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, it is critical to conduct an in-depth study on all of the possibilities before settling on one. After selecting a tour, you should make your reservation online so that you can save money and prevent being disappointed.

Big Rock Waterfalls

Big Rock Waterfalls
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This waterfall, which can be found just outside of San Ignacio, is actually the combination of two separate waterfalls. The higher falls have a drop of more than 100 feet into a large pool, and the lower falls have an additional drop of 30 feet.

This breathtaking place can be experienced in a number of different ways. Hiking down the path that leads to the falls is one of the available options. A boat excursion departing from San Ignacio is yet another choice you have. In the event that you would rather spend the night in the area of the waterfall, there are a great number of accommodations available.

Rio on Pools

There is nothing quite like going for a dip in a pool that is surrounded by verdant vegetation. It's hard to beat the sensation of being totally submerged in nature while sipping a refreshing beverage: it's hard to beat.

Natural pools are not only enjoyable places to swim; they also offer a one-of-a-kind habitat for the animals who live nearby. In point of fact, these pools are home to a diverse community of flora and fauna, including birds, lizards, snakes, and turtles, as well as frogs and lizards. The pools really provide a home for some types of fish, which makes them an ideal destination for fishing excursions.

Other activities are available for you to participate in while you are here in the jungle. You may, for instance, travel to the exclusive resort known as Rio on Pools, which is situated close to the town of San Ignacio. The resort provides its guests with access to two natural pools filled with fresh water, where they may unwind and relax after engaging in activities in the surrounding area.

Fishing in Belize

In Belize, one of the most well-liked pastimes is deep sea fishing, particularly among fishermen who take pleasure in the challenge of pulling in enormous specimens. Fishing excursions on the high seas normally last between two and four hours and costs range from $150 to $500 per person. Anglers who would like to cast their lines into rivers and streams rather than onto open water have another choice available to them in the form of fly fishing. Fly fishing expeditions often run anywhere from three to five hours and cost anything from fifty dollars to one hundred dollars per participant.

Anglers that are interested in capturing fish have a number of different methods at their disposal, including spearfishing. Casting a line over the side of a boat and then waiting for a fish to take the bait are the two steps involved in this method of fishing. Trips to go spearfishing typically take anywhere from two to six hours and cost between $80 to $200 for each individual participant.

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye
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Because it is home to a number of hotels and resorts, Ambergris Caye is an ideal location to unwind after spending the day travelling throughout the rest of the country. In addition to the many conveniences and attractions that are available in the region, vacationers can take advantage of the area's stunning beaches and waters that are remarkably clear.

The native flora and fauna of Ambergris Caye provide some of the island's most memorable experiences. There are about 300 different types of birds that call the island their home, some of which include macaws, toucans, and parrots. In addition, guests get the opportunity to see crocodiles, iguanas, and other species of reptiles.

Additionally, there are a plethora of options to investigate the natural splendor of Ambergris Caye. Hikers who want to see the rich foliage and waterfalls in the area can either stroll along the shore or climb into the mountains. Canoeing or kayaking along the shoreline is an option for those who would rather keep their proximity to the water.

The museums and galleries on Ambergris Caye are another attraction for tourists that come to the island. The history of the island and the culture of Belize are the subjects of many of the exhibits that can be seen in these features. The Belize Museum of History and Culture, the Belize National Museum, and the Belmopan Heritage Center are some of the institutions that fall under this category.

Caye Caulker

A little island called Caye Caulker can be found just off the coast of Belize. It has developed into a well-liked vacation spot, particularly among vacationers who wish to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches and the warm environment. Visitors can participate in a wide variety of activities during their time here, such as zip-lining, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, and hiking.

Because there are so many hotels along the coastline of Caye Caulker, making reservations for a place to stay is not difficult. The convenience of being so close to the airport makes staying here the greatest option for those who want to get back to their regular routine after a long day of having fun.

You can't miss choosing Caye Caulker for your stay in Belize.


In conclusion, Belize has a lot to offer visitors from around the globe. From beautiful beaches to ancient Mayan ruins, there's plenty to see and do here. But if you want to truly appreciate the country, you'll need to spend some time exploring its natural wonders.

The jungles of Belize are home to hundreds of species of wildlife, including jaguars, monkeys, birds, reptiles, and butterflies. There are also countless waterfalls, caves, and rivers to explore. So whether you're interested in hiking through dense rainforests or relaxing on the shores of crystal clear waters, Belize has got you covered.


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