Beaches of Mexico

Beaches of Mexico

Beaches of Mexico

Image by The hotel strips of Cancún. | arthur gonoretzky/Moment/Getty Images

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Mexico is the ideal destination for beach vacationers to get a slice of paradise.  It undoubtedly has some of the most stunning beaches in the world, be it the waves of the Caribbean coast or the Pacific Coast.

The beaches of Mexico, with their azure waves and gentle sand, as well as swaying palm trees, provide the ideal getaway from everyday life. 

Your vacation in Mexico will be made more enjoyable by the breathtaking coastline, warm climate, and exciting water sports available on the beaches. Not only does the country have beautiful beaches, but it also offers a variety of fascinating historical ruins.  There are many things to do in Mexico.

Even while all of Mexico's beaches are worthwhile visits, we've compiled a list of absolute favorites: ones that you must not miss to unwind on or ones that offer lots of activities.

Playa Norte

Playa Norte
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The beach offers sparkling white sand and crystal-clear water. Children will delight in swimming and splashing in the calm waters with their families.  Considered the best beach of Mexico by some.

During your extended beach days, the bars at the beach and restaurants are accessible, along with alternative lodging. The only issue is that, because of its attractiveness, this place gets busy on the weekends.

Otherwise, a good choice for the best holiday destinations is Playa Norte, which can be reached from Cancun in about one hour by boat.

You may scuba dive or go snorkelling in the gorgeous coral reefs offshore. Visitors can relax at one of the beach resorts, equipped with shops and restaurants, or you can take a day trip to Playa Norte.

Playa Akumal, Tulum

Playa Akumal
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A small community to the north of Tulum has experienced a recent surge in popularity.  For many years, the five stunning blue bays in Akumal have been famous for hosting sea turtles for many years, especially when it's time for the eggs to hatch.

The beachfront of Akumal is actually some of the best in Mexico for swimming with the marine turtles who come back every year. Also nearby is a flourishing coral reef that is ideal for snorkelling expeditions.
A fantastic choice for families, Akumal is around 30 minutes from the centre of Tulum and is extremely lively. The small village is buzzing with cafes, shops, and tour booths, with dive shops along the shore.

You can find restaurants with palapa covers nearly everywhere on the beaches, and you can always see people of every age donning snorkel gear to explore the pristine ocean.

Holbox Island

Holbox Island
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Holbox Island has 36 kilometres of stunning beaches and diverse landscapes, entirely free from crowds and seaweed.  Holbox Island is surrounded by mangrove trees, which shelter the island from seaweed, thus keeping its beaches pure.

For those who desire to visit a genuine seaside town, it is the ideal retreat. It also has a small-town feel, considering that it has only 2,000 inhabitants.  Visitors can find vibrant murals while exploring the sandy lanes. Holbox is renowned for its lovely beaches, the bioluminescence of the region's western coast, and its leisurely pace.  In the surrounding waters, you may even go swimming with the whale shark from the months of June to September.

Isla Mujeres Playa Centro

Isla Mujeres Playa Centro
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Playa Centro is unquestionably one of Quintana Roo's most well-liked beaches, owing to its white sand as well as stunning water. Isla Mujeres is therefore a must-go beach for tourists while they are in Cancun.
A number of leisure activities are available at this seaweed-free beach, be it dolphin and whale watching, snorkelling, and paddle boarding.  Your breath will be taken away as you stroll alongside your beloved by the beach, soak in the sunset, and breathe in the calming, romantic atmosphere of the island.
The beach is close to a handful of pubs, restaurants, and stores that sell top-notch jewellery to take home.

This playa is distinguished by its breathtaking natural surroundings and dazzling ocean, as well as by the abundance of restaurants selling everything from traditional Mexican food to tourist favourites.

Playa del Amor, Marietas Islands

Hidden beach Playa del Amor
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Playa del Amor has two names: 

  • The first, The Love Beach, refers to the romanticism of its unusual cave setting; 
  • The other, The Hidden Beach, refers to the fact that it is not a spot you'd just happen to find by chance.

It is a completely enclosed, below-ground beach that is only reachable via a water tunnel that one can kayak or swim through.  Vast, sandy caverns with the Pacific Ocean pouring in look like something from a fantasy book.  The Beach Trip is a fantastic family vacation experience, or it might be the ideal romantic trip for you and your significant other.

You may explore this intriguing secluded cove, which is about an hour's ferry ride from Sayulita without encountering any crowds and with a pure sense of adventure.  The Pacific Ocean will lap at your feet while you go on a snorkelling expedition, swim in the bay, unwind in the shade, or sit on the lovely beach.




With its crescent beach ideal for beginner surfers, its expat-run quirky galleries, little bungalow lodgings, and its teeny pubs with live music, Sayulita offers a paradise for its tourists and is incredibly pleasant all year round.
As diners and partygoers flow out onto the street to enjoy dialogue and musical performances that fill the saline, warm evening around the main square, the restaurant and bar scene are tiny but lively. 

It is a stunningly tiny area of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. In addition to the main beach, there are other beaches that are suitable for swimming. The Playa de Los Muertos and the Playa Carricitos are two of the most popular beaches.  It offers a wide range of activities, including swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, horseback riding, and more.

At different and varied bars and restaurants, the evenings are also fascinating at the beach. There are many sellers selling handmade crafts and art on congested streets.

You can buy everything and anything there, including the stunning and vibrant artwork produced by the Huichol Indians who are native to this region, as well as blankets, hats, garments, etc.


Beachgoers looking to experience a little piece of heaven on their next holiday should head to Mexico. There is no question that it is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the entire world, whether one is looking at the shores of the Pacific or the Caribbean. The beaches of Mexico, with their clear waters and soft sand, as well as their swaying palm trees, offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.



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