Beaches of Costa Rica

Beaches of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beach

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Costa Rica is a living example of heaven on earth, blessed with abundant wildlife, lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and friendly residents. (Check out the travel guide to Costa Rica.)

The magnificent beaches of this biologically diverse Central American site make it well known worldwide, despite the fact that there is much to appreciate on land.

Beachgoers have a variety of options, from remote shorelines to booming mega beach resorts, all nestled between the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean coastlines.

One thing is certain: Costa Rica is a beach lover's paradise, whether you're eager to body surf in the smashing spray or just spend your days relaxing. 

Here are our top six picks.

1. Jaco

Jaco Beach
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The little coastal community of Jaco, which is well-known for its secret beaches, sport fishing, and top-notch surfing areas, is situated just north of the Manuel Antonio National Park. In addition to its beachfront and distinctive ambience, Jaco offers a vibrant nightlife scene, making it the ideal destination for those looking for things to do after the sun sets. The welcoming inhabitants, water activities, abundance of eateries, and opportunities to create lasting memories all flourish at Jaco Beach.

If you are an early riser, consider taking a surfing lesson and riding the waves at Playa Jaco, or going on a hike in one of the surrounding natural areas, such as Carara National Park, where you may see a diverse range of local and foreign animal and plant species.

One might also enjoy giving something more challenging a shot, like zip lining, waterfall rappelling, horse riding, an ATV trip, or surfing. Jaco is a highly well-liked seaside city that draws a large number of retirees, ex-pats, surfers, and partygoers.

2. Tamarindo

Tamarindo Beach
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Tamarindo Beach is a magnificent shore on the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica. This popular tourist destination has all the contemporary amenities visitors would want if they're looking for a typical Costa Rican beach experience.

Tamarindo Beach has everything to suit every taste, from hotels to villas, to boutiques, to posh restaurants. Fishermen from all over the world come to this popular beach to catch marlin, tuna, sailfish and other fish in its waters. While surfers can enjoy some of the state's most spectacular waves, sunbathers are more likely to prefer the palm-fringed gold sand, wherein fishing shacks and bohemian beach stores have appeared like mirages in a desert oasis.

In addition to beach cruises, tourists can scuba, snorkel, windsurf, and go on a beach cruise. Tamarindo's seas are steady and not overly rough, making them ideal for surfing of all levels. One can stop at any of the local lagoons to see the wildlife. Additionally, there are a few locations where you can observe giant leatherback turtles. The beach comes alive at night. For salsa dancing, go to La Barra, or go to Pacifica to mingle with the younger generation.

3. Samara

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Samara, which is situated on the Pacific coast, is one of the most family-friendly beach locations in Costa Rica. There is a large cove with lower waves on this beach with light grey sand that is ideal for swimming. A calm beach that is popular with residents, Playa Carrillo, is about five minutes drive away from this one.

Samara has been designed with the main town hub that runs along the sands, making it relatively walkable. Surf shops with instructions on the little waves can be found located between the rows of towering palm trees. Horseback riding, wildlife-viewing tours by kayak or boat, tours for seeing turtles, hikes through tropical dry forests, and visits to macaw parrot breeding facilities are all offered by the beach. Moreover, it is the safest beach in Costa Rica to enjoy some quality time in the sun with your dear ones.

4. Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach
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Manuel Antonio is unquestionably one of the nicest places in Costa Rica to go on a honeymoon. It is situated close to San Jose, the nation's capital, and is placed like a gem on the Central-Pacific Coastline.

The crescent-shaped white sand beaches, sweeping ocean views, and unique wildlife sightings are especially romantic for couples. A massive network of beaches and forest trails is ideal for exploring and coming up with lifelong tales. Numerous restaurants in this area serve both visitors and ex-pats. From hotels and eateries positioned on the hillsides high above the ocean, one may witness some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world.

5. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa
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One of Costa Rica's top surfing beaches is Playa Santa Teresa. The long, beautiful strand is widely known for its tremendous beach break. The well-known Peninsula de Nicoya surfing spot offers very steady waves that may be surfed almost any time of day. Roca Mar, also known as Suck Rock, is a fantastic point break and a favourite of the locals at the northern end of the beach.

Surfing along this coast is its main attraction. The growth of the infrastructure and services has been accelerated by the surfing community, changing the region from a fishing village to a growing retirement destination for beach enthusiasts. It's also a sanctuary for foodies. This region of Costa Rica is still an affordable option. Here, a couple may retire on as little as USD 1,500 each month.

6. Costa Ballena

Costa Ballena
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This magnificent beach, which is also known as Whale's Tail, boasts abundant animals and breathtaking natural scenery on which Costa Rica prides itself. The beach is characterised by lush natural reserves, picture-perfect waterfalls, and twisting jungle trails. This beach is distinctive due to the mountains that provide stunning backdrops to the lovely coastline.

The coast is filled with cosy little towns and coastal villages as well as magnificent beaches. It is feasible to find a good property on a jungle slope that faces the ocean in this developing but unpopulated area and wake up each morning to the beautiful backdrop and rhythm of the Pacific.

Along the Costa Ballena, there is a tiny ex-pat community; retirees and ex-pats who value eco-friendly living consider the area to be the best place to settle down.


In conclusion, Costa Rica has plenty of beaches to choose from. From the white sands of Jaco Beach to the turquoise waters of Manuel Antonio National Park, there's bound to be a spot near you that will leave you breathless.

But if you want to really get away from it all, you won't find a better destination than Playa Hermosa. Located along the Pacific coast, this small town offers visitors the chance to relax without worrying about anything except their next meal. With its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful weather, and endless opportunities for adventure, Playa Hermosa is the perfect place to spend a week or two.

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