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Affirm Payment Plans

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Does Affirm do monthly payments?

You can choose the method of payment that is most convenient for you and your financial situation, from monthly installments to interest-free payments spaced every two weeks.

Tired of the late charges and hidden fees that credit cards charge you? Well, now you have an option to buy now and pay at your own pace without any fees. Affirm is by far the best option available currently, and can be used for in-store purchases or online.

When it comes to choosing how to pay for items, consumers prefer having more options. And the reasons why customers select various strategies can vary greatly, such as safety, financial constraints, or loyalty incentives. With its radical approach to consumer financing, Affirm claims to be able to help customers purchase the items they desire without piling up overwhelming debt.

How does it work?

Affirm provides mobile apps wherein a customer may examine their transaction history, pay the bill, and log into their account through the app to explore and make purchases. The app provides a customized shopping experience based on past purchases, favourite retailers, and spending cap.

Customers can use the app to shop at participating stores or to make a virtual card that can be used everywhere where Visa is accepted. The app provides its customers with unique financing rates at partnering retailers that are as low as 0% and exclusive incentives. The app also allows arranging for the return of an item or a refund request.

Below is a closer look at how Affirm works and its payment methods and plans. 

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Affirm Debit+ card

With Affirm Debit+, you may make debit purchases or apply in the app to use Affirm pay later instalments for qualified purchases made both in-person and online. This gives you a high level of visibility into your present purchasing power. It gives you the option via the app to divide qualified purchases over $100 into 4 interest-free payments.

A customer also has the option to pay in installments for the purchases either before or after the purchase. Customers can use the card to link to their current bank account to make payments in full, much like a conventional debit card, or in monthly installments at any retailer, whether online or in person. Using the Debit+ app, a shopper can decide to divide a purchase before they pay or up to 24 hours after the purchase. They can choose to divide purchases between $100 and $1000. Instead of completing a separate application for each transaction, users are able to use the card for all of their payments continuously.

Eligibility criteria for the Affirm Debit+

  • Age 18 years or older
  • Residing in the USA (not available to residents of New Mexico or U.S. territories)
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Have an Affirm account
  • Have bought something from Affirm.
  • A solid repayment record

Virtual Card

This Affirm virtual card is a single-use card that has a unique number that a shopper can enter during the time of checkout.

Working on the virtual card

Step 1: Install and launch the Affirm app. To get started, tap on the "virtual card" option.

Step 2: Then search for the stores and the items. Then tap Pay with a one-time-use virtual card.

Step 3: You can then apply for a virtual card there wherein one can enter the approximate purchase price for an immediate decision.

Step 4:  At the time of checkout, a customer can enter credit card information to pay. Keep it on hand for single use within 24 hours, whether in-person or online.

Step 5:  Now you can complete your purchase by entering the virtual card number at the time of checkout.

How affirm works

  • Prima facie, a customer can shop at their preferred stores online or in-person and use Affirm to pay later. The option is there at the time of checkout, or one can use the Affirm app to request a virtual card.
  • Then a shopper can choose the payment schedule that works best for them and their financial situation, ranging from 4 interest-free installments, every 2 weeks to monthly payments.
  • The customer can then manage the payment online or via the Affirm app. They also have the option of choosing Autopay so that they do not miss their next installment payment date. They can select AutoPay at the time of purchase to make sure that the payments are deducted automatically every month.

It's vital to read the fine print before committing because Affirm's APR runs from 10 to 30 percent over three to 39 months when interest is charged. In the course of its underwriting procedure, the company performs a light credit check. An APR somewhat below the standard credit card's 15.99 percent rate can be available to someone with good credit, whereas a riskier borrower might be subject to substantially higher fees.

Why pay with Affirm

  • Transparent: the total amount that a shopper has to pay is displayed to them, and Affirm promises that it never goes up. Additionally, the customers feel safer and more secure about making payments because the booking procedure is made simpler and what the customers see is what they pay with Affirm.
  • Customers have the option of paying on a schedule that works for them and can get the trip of a lifetime or a piece of luxury furniture or apparel by using Affirm.
  • No extra fee-customers do not have to pay any late fees, penalties, or some random fee on a random date with Affirm. So, there are no additional charges for late payments, but it is conceivable that your late payment will have an adverse effect on your credit score and credit history.

Is there a credit check on Affirm?

Affirm does run a soft instead of a hard credit check on you. This means that you can apply for Affirm financing without having it affect your credit, and you are not obligated to use it until you actually purchase something.

Is there a credit limit on Affirm?

From 50 USD to 17,500 USD, Affirm approves credit lines; however, larger amounts can necessitate a down payment. Credit limits differ by merchant and are based on your credit history and Affirm payment history.

Checking to see if you qualify won't lower your credit score, and the lender has no minimum credit score requirement. If you are granted a loan, not making your bill payments on time will lower your credit score.

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