The 5 Best Budget Diving Resorts in Maldives

The 5 Best Budget Diving Resorts in Maldives

Scuba diving in the Maldives

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Mention the name Maldives to anyone, and the first image the person gets is of the sun and the sands. There are some exquisite diving resorts in the Maldives. Here are some of the top diving destinations in the island archipelago that can be visited on a budget.

Maldives is a cluster of more than 1000 islands. These are spread across the southern Indian Ocean.

Most people consider the period from November to the April of the following year to be the best time to visit the country. There is, however, a four-month rainy season which might not be conducive for outdoor activities. So, it is wise to check on this information before departing for the nation.

Listed out in no particular order are the five most to be experienced diving resorts in the Maldives. The description gives alternative activities that can be pursued at the venues and is not restricted to scuba diving alone. It is advisable to start scuba diving after being acquainted with the sport by a trained professional. Most resort islands have trained personnel who can guide the novice in scuba diving.

1. Vilamendhoo Island Spa and Resort, Ari Atoll

Vilamendhoo Island Spa and Resort
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The Vilamendhoo resort is situated on its island in the Maldives. It is surrounded on all four sides by the blue waters of the lagoon. Thus, it allows everyone to dive without venturing out from the location. There is a wide variety of rooms to choose from that includes chalets for those desiring it.

There is an on-site spa, too, that caters to those needing rejuvenation. The two swimming pools add to the beauty of the location. Right at hand at the spa is the children's play area for those with kids in tow. Sunset cruises add to the attractiveness of the place.

With access to some of the most enchanting locations and shallow sea beds, this is also the ideal spot for those wanting to try out scuba diving.


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2. Dharavandhoo Island, Aveyla Manta Village

Aveyla Manta Village
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The Aveyla village consists of a tranquil guesthouse located on Dharavandhoo Island. It is a locale that is low on cost yet presents the visitor with just about everything desirable on a tour of the Maldives. It is possible to rent out scuba diving kits at affordable prices, along with a guide to settle the customer in.

This is one locale that does not boast of luxury. Instead, each traveller on the property gets a chance to get acquainted with each other. There is a good spread of the island under the property, and it does take a while to get around to every nook and canny of the island.


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3. White Sand, Dhigura Island

White Sand, Dhigura Island
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There is no shortage of variety when it comes to tourist spots in the Maldives. The White Sand resort testifies to this fact. With 23 rooms to let out to guests, this location is unlike another in the island archipelago. One of the most essential activities on the island is snorkelling and scuba diving.  

For the beginner scuba diver, it is best to get accustomed to the waters by taking to a bit of snorkelling at first. The seas off Dhigura Island are filled with marine life that includes white sharks and sting rays too. Just the most idyllic location to go scuba diving.  


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4. Meeru Island Spa and Resort, North Male Atoll

Meeru Island Spa and Resort
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People could not have chosen a more exotic place for scuba diving in the Maldives than the North Male Atoll. This is a diver's paradise with a variety of fauna and flora. The Meeru Island Resort gives the visitor just about everything needed to have a pleasant stay at the venue.

Accommodation on the property comes from the more affordable chalets and goes all the way to executive suites. But there is no denying that this is one of the most desirable spots to pick for trying out some scuba diving.


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5. Zero Degree Residence, Fuvahmulah

Zero Degree REsidence
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There would not be a suitable spot to catch sight of tiger sharks than at Fuvahmulah. The scuba diver is presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with these heavenly creatures of the seas. The rooms come with a board plan which makes them particularly attractive to those visiting on a budget.

The Wi-Fi on the property takes care of the needs of the die-hard surfer. And the best thing is that it is included in the cost of the room. The resort does provide airport transfers at an additional cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Go Scuba Diving in The Maldives? 

The beauty of the scuba diving experience in the Maldives is that you do not have to own any equipment. Most resorts where scuba diving is permissible often rent out gigs. So, paying just the basic rental to try out the sports is convenient. 


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Do Sharks Swim in The Maldives? 

Sharks in the Maldives
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Whether people come across sharks is instead an interesting question. There are locations on the island archipelago where it is possible to come across sharks. Most of the encounters are relatively peaceful, as the guides would advise the customer as to how to go about interacting with the sharks. Most importantly, the guides would be at hand right through the dive to recommend and take necessary precautions.

Can Beginners Dive into The Maldives?

With just the right hands to help, all kinds of folks can take to scuba diving on the islands. While most resorts and spas offer complimentary trained guides to the divers, it is possible to have a personalized experience by preferring to use your qualified guide, which comes at an extra cost.

Diving resorts in the Maldives are a preferred spot for scuba diving for the relatively low cost at which it can be done. It is advisable to dive into small groups as it would be possible to help each other out as it might be needed. Only some people that come to the Maldives are expert scuba divers or snorkellers. But expert help is on hand to guide and serve the tourist as the need arises.

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