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Reward Points: Learn How to Fly for Free

I've been a travel hacker for quite a few years now.  My family and I have traveled for free, or, for very little usi

Fly first class for $200: Travel hacking tips
I am a travel hacker (check out why I travel hack). My moto is "Always be earning". This refers to earning travel miles with everyday spending. And I love to travel. It is like art when these two things come together to create a sublime moment in my personal travel history. I have traveled often and to a lot of places (not as much as those who have traveled to 100 countries, but I digress), but, I have never traveled first class. Last month I finally got to experience first class and it was worth every penny I spent. The difference here is I didn’t spend a lot of money to fly first class because of the travel hacking habits I have. It only cost $200 for me and my wife.
Travel hacking and points: Return of the Hat trick
Back in May of 2020, I wrote about an event that I was very proud of. I performed the rare occurrence of scoring a travel hacking hat trick. I got awarded points 3 times, from 3 different points programs for one transaction. (Hat Trick: In field hockey and ice hockey, a hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game.)
Travel Hacking Hat Trick: More points
Yesterday I did something I have not been able to do in the past.  I've had transactions where I have scored double the reward points on a single purchase.  But, this time, I scored a travel hacker's dream transaction:  a travel hack hat trick.  I got awarded points 3 times for one transaction.  (Hat Trick:  In field hockey and ice hockey, a hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game.)