Costa Rica Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica caribbean coast beach

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There are two coasts in Costa Rica: the Caribbean and the Pacific.  The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is home to a number of stunning beaches as well as charming communities that are rich in history and culture. This region provides travellers with a plethora of possibilities to appreciate nature and unwind, beginning in the hustling and busy capital city of San Jose and ending in the chill seaside town of Tamarindo.

Ecotourism and adventure travel are the two primary forms of tourism that are practiced most frequently in Costa Rica. Tourists who are interested in ecotourism go to national parks, wildlife reserves, and rainforest areas, whereas tourists who are interested in adventure tourism look for activities such as surfing, zip-lining, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

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Ecotourists and those interested in rural villages and smaller cities are more likely to gravitate toward the latter, whereas adventure tourists are more likely to visit major urban centers. The country's natural beauty is appreciated by vacationers of both types, although different categories of visitors have a preference for staying in different kinds of hotels.

For example, ecotourists often select hotels within a short distance of the entrance to the reserve or park they are visiting. Lodges located in rural areas, away from civilized areas, are typically the lodging of choice for travellers interested in adventure. When compared to renowned tourist locations such as Jacó or Manuel Antonio, the cost of lodging in the countryside is typically lower, making it an attractive option for budget and independent travellers alike.

Even if the majority of visitors to Costa Rica come into one of these two categories, there are still a great deal of opportunities open to those who fall into the other category. Museums, churches, and other historical monuments can be visited during the course of a day by those who are interested in learning more about the country's extensive cultural history. Activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, horseback riding, white water kayaking, and rafting are just some of the options available to people who are looking for both relaxation and excitement.

The country of Costa Rica is home to a variety of exciting points of interest. For instance, guests get the opportunity to investigate the longest subterranean river system in the world, trek through lush forest trails, and observe unique birds and animals in their natural habitats. Additionally, there are dozens of volcanoes spread out across the country, making it simple to witness ongoing volcanic activity firsthand.

Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and coastal regions all make up parts of Costa Rica's varied and interesting topography. Depending on where they choose to spend their holiday, vacationers have a wide variety of climatic conditions from which to select. In some locations, the weather is pleasant and there is plenty of sunshine, while in others, the temperatures are low and there is frequent precipitation. It doesn't matter where tourists go, they can always count on finding nice locals and reasonable costs.



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